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New Templates Store

New Templates Store

We are extremely thrilled to announce a brand new templates area on our site with the addition of 28 new templates which we have collaborated on and inherited from JoomDev.

28 New Templates

When the news broke out that JD wanted to end their support for Joomla, we got in touch with their team to see if we could collaborate and acquire their templates so that we could also add support across our products.

We decided to take over existing templates from JoomDev and started to add support for our products across 28 templates that we have inherited from them.

Apart from adding support for our products, we have also added support for Joomla 4.x across these new templates too!

New Template Store

The new dedicated templates section will also be separated from our app store allowing you to be able to filter and search for templates.

What's Next?

We will be inheriting more templates and will also be updating these templates to support our products and Joomla 4.

Let us know your thoughts!

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