New Servers To Better Serve You

New Servers To Better Serve You

If you had experienced an outage while accessing our website lately, it was because we were in the midst of moving to the new servers. We wanted to do this for the longest time but the recent workload got us all caught up with datelines.

And if you noticed, the site should load faster than usual now and we hope this migration effort is worthy of our investment.

Because this is a new server, there may be some technical issues that you may experience and when you're at it, please shout out to us on any weird stuff to immediately.

Meanwhile, feel free to download the beta version of the all-new EasyBlog 3.0 and let us know your thoughts. We shall be releasing the final version very very soon.

For smart users like you, we'd like to invite you to grab a copy of EasyBlog before the new price starts as soon as EasyBlog 3.0 is released.


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  1. Pedro Antunes

The site does indeed seem to load faster ^^

By the way, any estimate of the 3.0 release date?

Cheers and keep the good work!

  1. Andrew Rogers

Hi Pedro, thanks for letting us know. The release shall be within a week or so. ;)

  1. Pedro Antunes    Andrew Rogers

Good to hear!

Can't wait to finally start using 3.0 on my life site ^^

No rush ;)

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