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New Over The Network Installation Policy

New Over The Network Installation Policy

Effective 13th January 2017, we have taken additional steps to restrict access to our network installation services due to increased growth of requests made to our servers. Read on to learn more about this.


Background Of The Problem

Very recently, our server was serving files to thousand of sites just within a single day. That resulted in our servers clogging up as it needs to handle all these simultaneous downloads at an average of 18MB for each files. We were thinking that if there are so many installation requests in a single day, wouldn't that mean we could afford a bigger and better server to host these requests?

After all, the more sites that requests files from us, revenue would also be increased as it is basic economics. Upon inspecting these throng of requests, most of these sites are only owned by several license holders and some of them only owns a Pro license but they are selling services to hundreds and thousands of customers.


What Will Happen Now

  • Outdated version notifications will still work regardless if your domain is registered on your licenses area. As long as you have a valid license, and the product is outdated, you will get a notification of outdated software.

  • Our API services that serve files over the network will be restricted to domains that are registered under your license area with the exception to Developer and Agency Bundle where customers under these plans, will not have any restrictions to the API (With a fair use policy adhered).



If you are running on a staging or development site, installer over the network will work automatically if you are connecting to the following domains:

  • localhost
  • Any subdomain of your main licensed domain will work as we understand that at times you need to run development sites before applying it into your live site.


Fair Use Policy

One of the primary concern we had was customers who owns a single license or bundle but installs it on more than 100 different domains. This is taxing our servers whenever these sites are requesting for update files. With the new fair use policy, if your account has been requesting for files for more than 100 sites, please do get in touch with us and we will work something out.


Common Questions

1. On your plans page, it does mentioned unlimited installations. Why is the network installation access restricted?

You can still download the full package and install or update on as many sites as you want. We are not restricting your rights to install the extension. The difference here is that you will not be able to perform upgrades over the network.

2. What are the limitations of network installations for Professional and Developer licenses?

All Professional plan (Club bundle and Pro bundle included) will have restrictions which is dependent on your supported domains allocated. There are no restrictions applied on the full package since it is not transmitting large data from our servers.

Developer or Agency Bundle will not have any restrictions as we understand your customers are important to you and as long as the fair use policy is in play, we are perfectly fine with that.

3. Are there any changes in the licensed domains support?

Nope, everything will remain the same. You still get awesome support from us as long as your domain is assigned to your license.

4. I have a Pro license but I need to use the network based installations on more than 2 sites. Can this be done?

Nope, sorry. Upgrading to a Developer contract is only a small fraction of what your clients are paying for your service and it is fair that in order for your clients to benefit from this, you would need to maintain a Developer contract.


We hope that this would provide you with better understanding on where we are coming from. Our primary goal has always been about helping site owners build a more interactive and lead generation site ever with our extensions.


Thank you for all the support throughout these years and the years to come!


P/S: For those of you who are seeking for more information on EasyBlog 5.1 and EasySocial 2.1, do check our blog regularly.


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The new policies are totally understandable, good to hear you guys making it clear to others regarding fair usage and such. What's the story on sub-domains? Specifically something like test.site or en.site?

Thanks Josh

Honestly the mind boggles that people do stuff like this. In Germany there is a saying that trust is good but checking stuff is more important. Understand 1000% that you guys checked this. And yes I agree an option for a test site is important. Breaking live sites is not in the interests of any one! Just my 2 cents.

Exactly! We have been releasing our services without restrictions for the past couple of years under good faith that people wouldn't abuse it but it seems like the abuse has gotten way overboard

Thanks for your input on this guys! Sorry I completely forgot about the test / staging / subdomain sites. Have updated the blog post under the Exclusions section

At the moment the updatef breaks the backend - both for licenced localhost and unlicenced domain installations. There is a workaround, where you upload the package twice ;(

If you have an issue with the installer with your licensed domain, do get in touch with us and we'll have a look at it.

Just checking to see if there are any updates with regards to EasyBlog 5.1 or EasySocial 2.1? Possibly a relevant roadmap for each?

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