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Monetize Your Joomla Blog with SocialAds

Monetize Your Joomla Blog with SocialAds

EasyBlog was created with extensibility in mind. Our Joomla extensions are highly customizable and readily integrated so that we can help webmasters achieve what they want in a Joomla website.

In today's blog, we will show you another integration possibility that can help pay your bills. We are happy to show you how to monetize your EasyBlog blog with the help of SocialAds, created by our partner TechJoomla.

SocialAds is basically a one-stop solution of an advertisement system that you can manage ads, display banners and accept payments for advertising in a Joomla website. Advertisements can appear in Joomla articles and blogs and this includes blogs by our very own EasyBlog. If you already invested in EasyBlog and loved the returns from it, now is the time for you to take a step further by making money from your blog posts in EasyBlog.

We've created a demo of how SocialsAds works in EasyBlog. See how ads are created and displayed in this demo.

The TechJoomla Team have also created a comprehensive guide on how to get started with monetizing your EasyBlog. They have also offered a special incentive to you when you start monetizing your EasyBlog with SocialAds. Get a 20% discount when you buy SocialAds聽 from today till Sunday, October 14th, 2012 using this code: MONETIZE20

Monetize Your Blog & Get SocialAds!

If you haven't got EasyBlog, you could also get it at $5-off! Just use our coupon STACK5 to get instant $5 discount. BUY EASYBLOG.


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SocialAds is a program you use to run advertising on your own site.. So yes its safe

Interested in the product, do you have a place ask a few pre-sales questions. I'm interested in how the payment system for adverts handles EU VAT for sales.

Hello Nigel,

We do send Order emails or purchase. Right now the taxation element is not there. But we have got lots of requests for this & its expected to be added in the release thats coming in March..

Does it support Adsense from google?

What all subscription do I require to post adds in EasyBlog.?

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