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Maximizing EasySocial Profile Types

Maximizing EasySocial Profile Types

​Today, i would like to share a little about how you make the best out of EasySocial profile types. 

It's pretty crucial on how you create profile types on your site. When there's too many required fields to be filled on your registration form, you might end up losing potential users even without completing the registration on your site.

Let's explore on how you could attract and maximize EasySocial profile types to gain more potential users.

Create a new workflow 

Let's start with creating a new workflow on your site. First, head to EasySocial > Custom Fields > Workflows. You can edit existing workflows (default workflow is User Workflows) or you can even create a new workflow. You can see on the image below. 


Make sure you choose the profile types for your workflow types when creating new profile types.

Edit or create a new workflow

When creating a new profile type, you will be given a set of default fields. In this section, you can configure them easily, and add or remove those fields without hassle. You can refer to image below for the walk-through. 

Add new fields

You can add them accordingly, whether above or below the existing fields, or even add multiple fields at once. You can refer on my video below: 

In the added fields, you can easily configure them so that you can choose to either show or hide them during the registration phase. By doing so, you can minimize the number of fields required for your potential users to fill in. 

For example, you would like to hide the gender of your users. It can be configured to stay hidden during registration and edit profile sections. Refer to my video below for the walk through. 

Add new steps 

You can enhance your workflow by adding steps. These steps can be configured, so it's aligned with your requirements. Refer to my video below on how to add them: 

After you hit save, you can add existing fields in the other steps into the newly created steps as you can see in the image below.

Move field into the different steps

Assign workflows into the respective Profile Types

After you have completed configuring your workflows, head over to User > Profile Types. You can assign them into existing Profile types or create a new Profile Types. You can refer to the image below:


You can add same the Workflow into multiples Profile types as well. 

Enhance your profile type

In order for you to attract more potential users, you can then add a set of default avatars for your users to choose from, as you can see from the image below.

Extra: Quick Registration Configuration

In EasySocial, we offer admin to choose one of the two types of registration, that is Quick and Full registration process.

By choosing 'Quick' registration, you actually allow users to registration without going through the profile type selections or fill in the relevant fields. To achieve this, you can configure them by heading to Settings > Users > Registration as you can see from the image below.

Implement Quick Registration

To choose which fields should be shown on your Quick Registration process, you can configure them on the workflows itself as you can refer to image below.  

Example of Joomla full name field

​I hope you learnt something from today's tutorial. We will see you again next week. Happy weekend folks!


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Is there possible to select the profile type with quick register? Or it is default to register with profile type?

Hi Saovry,

You can configure them here http://take.ms/ZHhv0. Please give it a try and see how it goes. :)


I cannot figure out how to achieve this using custom field;

(Year of study) (University name) (Country)

(2001 - 2005) University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Is it possible using custom field?

We do not have such a custom field where it would have several inputs on a single field. You can either:

1. Develop your own unique custom field for such unique field


2. Have 3 different fields and tweak the output on the profile page so that it displays in the manner that you want.

Hi great that you do this tutorials! Thks.

Is it possible to have some of the profile types set with Joomla different ACL viewing rules too? Ie so just some of Joomla groups/people can see part of a users profile fields...then you can make that also work with Payplans so just some paying clients can see certain part of users fields.

Comment was last edited about 1 year ago by ssnobben ssnobben

Thank you for your insights on this :)

Yes exactly this we need also

Is there a way to share a drop down list values across user profiles, so I don't have to duplicate adding new values for each profile?

Yep, this is where workflows come in handy. You only need to create one workflow and configure the profile types to use the workflow that you have created

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