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Marketplace Submission App

Marketplace Submission App

We hope that you are as excited as we are with the Marketplace that we have added in EasySocial 4. We have tons of exciting cool ideas for the Marketplace in EasySocial and it is going to start with this.

The marketplace submissions app enhances the marketplace functionality by allowing users on the site to be able to submit new listings via the story form either through the dashboard, group and pages.

App Availability

These apps will be available starting today and it will require EasySocial 4. The price of these apps is sold at $25 each and for the next 3 days only (Offer ends 5th February 2021 UTC), we are throwing in a 20% discount when you use the coupon code MARKETPLACE when you purchase any of these apps. 

This is only a one-time purchase and there are no renewals or paid upgrades needed in the future.


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cool ! .... make a Bundle price for all of them, Mark ! ... and let us buy all of them with the MARKETPLACE discount

There is already a discount provided

Great news Mark and Team Stackideas. If a user on our platform has to make a software/file available for download as a listing on this marketplace, will this be possible? If yes, then I am all up for the "Marketplace for User"

Currently it does not support files but you could always create an app to support this

Great news !
Thank you very much

Hello Mark tried to buy this apps and get notice when adding the coupon "MARKETPLACE".

This coupone have been used to many times.. (:|

Pls let me know when its fixed..cheers!

Sorry about that, please try this again. There was a typo in the coupon expiration date

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Ok great will try again tomorrow.

Dont forget to test all your apps for Joomla 4 https://developer.joomla.org/news/839-joomla-4-0-will-ship-with-bootstrap-5.html, php 8 and BS 5 https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/discussions/32239 compability as well soon.

With Joomla 4 on the horizon (RC) very soon that will be the deal

Our extensions should still work fine regardless of what Bootstrap version Joomla uses and that is the only way for us to continue to be sane. Otherwise we would end up having compatibility layers for BS3, 4 and 5. That would be a nightmare!

Great Mark bought these extensions now but it doesnt work on the site unfortunately.

Doesnt show up anywhere in ES dashboards etc created a ticket update for this too.. dont know if its releated to my Activity stream problems too.

Thanks guys, these are great.

May I make a suggestion? Please build a search plugin out of the gate that works with the EasySocial Search and Filters.
Also consider building a search dedicated to the Marketplace that is in the Marketplace. In fact, I would encourage you to build dedicated search's for Groups, Pages, and Events as well that return results of ONLY those objects in the listing pages.

We have found that searchability and discovery are extremely important.

I agree
James can you post a feature request so the SI Team can keep track on this?



Maybe also consider having a function that would allow a user to DM the listing owner as well.

Facebook does this well, and in the top of the DM, they reference the listing name, details, price and link to the listing.

Right now it looks like (depending on the ES master settings) you have to be friends with the person to DM them. And that the only communication for items is public comments. Eeek... I think this is a great foundation, just looking for more polishing.

Thank you guys!

Yep, we have plans to branch out the built-in conversations within EasySocial but that would be another topic altogether with ConverseKit.

Just wondering with the upcoming ES4 and all the new features... do all these new features (not only marketplace but also advertisements, ...) comply with GDPR and are available in the "User's Info Download"? If we add custom fields to the Marketplace form builder will they display in these apps?

Comment was last edited about 8 months ago by Supporter Supporter

Account downloads will work with the next beta. If there are any missing GDPR items, please feel free to post it under the beta testing section

Looks amazing! Do the Marketplace ads automatically go into the main activity stream when posted? If so, is there an option to turn this off in the backend so that the marketplace ads are only visible by going to the Marketplace?

Yes, it goes into the stream once it is posted. Currently you can't turn off the activities on the stream but we'll add this into the next beta

May I know when can we utilize the custom field for ES native apps?

We do not have any ETA on this.

Hi Mark,

Also is there any plan to improve the Task, Files & Discussion Apps?

Not currently. This topic is about the marketplace app and it has nothing to do with task, files or discussions.

Thanks for your reply :P

I'm sorry but I'm thinking of how can we utilized this 3 apps for a Page Owner to manage their day to day sales teams in a marketplace. And how can we properly relate Marketplace apps and Pages apps and using profile types. It helps me to decide the time to purchase this new awesome apps (think)

Thanks again

This app comes wtih modules (last,top, most viewed)??

Modules would be included in the extension, this is only for the submission of marketplace items from the dashboard, groups and pages.

Can we set it up so we can make a commission off of it when someone sells something?

I am sorry but currently it does not support that.

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