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EasySocial 4.0 Beta 2

EasySocial 4.0 Beta 2

Usually, we do not post follow up blog posts for beta releases as they often just include bug fixes. However, in this beta we have added and also improvised on a number of features since the first beta and it is worth sharing with you.

New Mini Headers

New Mini Header

There are now new designs on the mini headers when EasySocial is embedded on Articles or Virtuemart pages.

New Activity Stream Auto-loading Mechanism

We have added a new auto-loading mechanism so that as you scroll, the streams would be pre-loaded rather than waiting when you reach the bottom of the stream.

Content plugin for Virtuemart

The content plugin which previously works on Joomla articles has now been updated to work with Virtuemart items as well.

Redesigned User Interface for Search

Toolbar Changes

The search in the toolbar has been redesigned for a better user experience since some of you complained about the user experience on the previous beta.

Multi-Currency for Marketplace

Multi currency

The all-new marketplace now supports multiple currencies out of the box. Users can choose their desired currency when listing their items.

Additional Sorting Types for Marketplaces

Within the marketplace, you can now sort listing items by:

  • Alphabetical
  • Latest first
  • Oldest first
  • Price (High to Low)
  • Price (Low to High)
  • Stock availability (High to Low)
  • Stock availability (Low to High)

Advanced Search for Marketplace

Advanced Search for Marketplace
We have also added an advanced search for Marketplace so you can create marketplace filters just like how you would create filters for users, groups, events and pages.

New Marketplace Module

Marketplace Module

New marketplace module allows you to list new marketplace items in modules that can be placed throughout the site.

Other Changes

Apart from those changes listed above, these are also some of the additions and fixes added into this release:

  • 馃啎 Added hits in marketplace listings
  • 馃啎 Added new ACL for scheduled posts
  • 馃啎 Added "Other Listings" as suggestions to the user when viewing a listing item from the marketplace
  • 馃啎 Added new settings to turn off activity generation for marketplace items
  • 馃啎 Added new settings to turn off reposting
  • 馃啎 GDPR support is now added for Marketplace items
  • Watermark library for videos is no longer rendered if watermark feature is disabled
  • Fixed issue with not being able to send message to seller in Marketplace when not friends with seller
  • Fixed issue with sliders not showing up on Marketplace when using other themes
  • Group administrators or site administrators will now be able to see the contents in a group despite being blocked by the user
  • Fixed issue with uploaded photos using a mobile device displaying incorrect screen orientation
  • Added marketplace item in EasySocial mobile template
  • Fixed incorrect reference to events for marketplace e-mails
  • Push notifications generated by OneSignal will now show the correct notification message
  • Sorting of comment items at the back-end will now work correctly
  • Fixed issue with login redirection where it is not redirecting users correctly
  • Fixed issue with photos tab not appearing on story form for groups because of incorrect ACL
  • Fixed issue with tooltips in reactions not displaying correctly when a word in tooltip contains a space
  • Verified icons are now shown correctly on reposted activity stream items
  • Reposted activity stream items are now re-worded
  • Fixed issue with multi text box custom field not saving value correctly
  • When adding a group member from the back-end, it will now respect the default group subscription settings
  • Fixed issue with search not working correctly due to conflicts with compatibility layer with Joomla 4
  • Fixed issue with album form not displaying correctly when there is a menu item created for "All Albums" layout
  • Added marketplace links in toolbar to the rest of the themes
  • Fixed issue with GIF and Stickers tab not showing the accurate active state
  • Updated UI for message seller button
  • Added missing mobile menu css file for mobile layout
  • Fixed issue with missing marketplace image on activity stream

Tester Needed! 馃殌

Help to test EasySocial 4.0 Beta 2 to speed up its release date! You can download and install EasySocial 4 from the links below. Remember to install it on your test / staging sites.


Comments (30)

Thank you for adding features :)

No custom field module to filter MarketPlace, like Search For People (mod_easysocial_dating_search) ?


A radius search would be ideal. And to show results based on the user defined default radius.

Like Philippe said.

Not at this point of time but please feel free to post your suggestions at https://stackideas.com/voices/easysocial

There appears to be no Smart Search filter for the Marketplace yet?

Can you also consider adding a Smart Search filter for Stream Items?

Hi. Feature Requests Smart Search - EasySocial Stream Items (posts) plugin already there

I would also recommend adding support for the Marketplace in Events.

Maybe add an option in the Events Configuration to turn marketplace items offline when an event is over.

WOW! I dream about mini header on other EasySocail pages (non profile, video, album).
Because original big header take lots of useful space (and attention) at the first screen and users have to scroll down.
It's not possible? Thanks.

Feature Requests https://stackideas.com/voices/easysocial/item/537-show-mini-headers-on-easysocial-pages

Comment was last edited about 8 months ago by User User

Please post it under the feature requests area

Thks for great update guys! Pls test with php 8 ( Joomla 4 ) when you can.. cheers!

Add Seller ratings
Seller reviews
"Save for later" button, maybe next to message seller

Thanks for the input on this.

I apologize if this has already been asked, but I didn't see it on thread. Will we be able to upload items for sale with a csv file? including images and such? If not, this would be an amazing feature to add!

Currently it does not support that Jason.

Can we now limit photo uploads in the stream, groups and pages by profile type? So far it is impossible to control the flood of images by users.

Hello Matthew,

It has always been possible to limit the photo uploads in profile type's acl even with EasySocial 3. You can set the number of photos a user can upload daily and also enforce a limit on their total photo uploads.

Is there a timeline on when this can be on a live site? I'm reupping my membership when it's available to go live!

No, we do not have a timeline for the stable release. It all depends on the issues that are being reported by users testing EasySocial 4.

I would say it is pretty stable right now, and I believe as long as there isn't anything critical for the site, it should be alright to run this on your site.

Thanks! Is there an integrated payment system between users? like can they click a button and pay each other with like PayPal? How can site owners monetize this (fee per sale/integrated advertisement/google adds every 5th product)?

It currently does not support that at this point of time.

I noticed a new application today in EasySocial Beta 2 (Video Call Button) can this be elaborated on by the StackIdeas team? 8)


You may disregard that app as this was an app we developed for another customer with their video calling solutions.

It will be removed in the next beta.

Comment was last edited about 8 months ago by Mark Mark

Boo! lol Kidding, but maybe leave it on the back burner for 3rd party apps to integrate with it. Or extend the functionality of the Skype App to include this as a link.

They actually use another SAAS to handle their web video calls. I do not think Skype offers this.

I mean it could be any of the custom fields you already have like Skype, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Etc... it would be a cool feature to have. Even for Pages.

The app is meant to link to a custom site (app) that supports video calling. Neither of those sites you listed supports those functionality via a url, so I don't see how is this going to work.

Comment was last edited about 7 months ago by Mark Mark

One feature that I would like to see happen soon would be that when a business creates a 鈥淧age鈥 that there is a feature that the business could add there RSS feed so that every time the business updates their blog, the updates get displayed on there 鈥減age鈥

Cheers, Adam

Thanks for your input Adam! Please do submit them on our feature requests area at https://stackideas.com/voices/easysocial so that we don't miss out on any of your requests.

Hello. How does 鈥 New Activity Stream Auto-loading Mechanism鈥 work? Should I activate it in backend? I just can鈥檛 see no difference with old mechanism. Thanks.

Comment was last edited about 7 months ago by User User

It can be activated in the settings but there is a bug in beta 2 which prevented this from working correctly.

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