UPDATES PayPlans 4.2.11 Released

Maintenance Updates Available

Maintenance Updates Available

Today, we would like to present you with the maintenance update for Komento, EasyBlog, EasyArticles and Charm Template. These releases mainly address bug fixes, minor refinements and other enhancements. 

Komento 3.1.2 address issues found in like counts, text avatar and other missing translation strings. On the other hand, EasyArticles 1.1.3 address a possible script conflicts, as well as LinkedIn authentication with OAuth 2.0 for auto-posting. 

Updated Most Popular Post Module & Reading Progress Bar

Moving to EasyBlog 5.2.7,  it now allows admin to configure the most popular posts module to display popular posts based on a recent number of days. Not forgetting, the reading progress bar now has settings to configure its position placement and bar color selections. 

​If you happened to own Charm template, you will be pleased to know that it has implemented EasySocial's toolbar dropdown menu along with it. Like our extensions update, you may download and re-install your template at extensions page. 

Upgrading the respective releases are fairly simple and straightforward. For sites that are still running on prior releases than mentioned, you may hit the single click updater found at the back-end. Otherwise, you can also download the full package installer found on your dashboard and run the installation as you normally would.

Feel free to contact our support team should you require any assistance with your upgrades. Don't forget to also check out our changlog links down below to view the list of changes made. Stay tuned & happy update folks! :)


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awesome :) it looks beautiful! Thank you so much. The menuitem "Download my information" isn't there in (Easysocial) only under "Edit my profile". Should it be so?

Hi Joy,

Have you turned on the settings for user's info download? Please read https://stackideas.com/docs/easysocial/administrators/configuration/general-data-protection-regulation for more information.

Do refrain yourselves from posting support question here as it is hard for us to manage your inquiries. Please utilize our support forum: https://stackideas.com/forums .


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