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Facebook Auto-posting For Pages & Groups

Facebook Auto-posting For Pages & Groups

While our team is currently working round the clock in PayPlans 4.0 development. I would like to share briefly about auto-posting to Facebook groups and pages mainly on EasyBlog, as this topic was raised rather frequently on our forums.

​Am i affected? 

If you're facing any difficulties regarding auto-posting sign-in or auto-posting posts to Facebook groups and pages, this post might be helpful for you. All you need is some patience and follow through the meticulous steps outlined on our online documentation.

Do note that this applies similarly to EasyArticles and EasyDiscuss as well. 

Part 1: Facebook auto-posting

Before you're able to link most of your blog posts, Facebook actually requires you to create an app with them. Not to mention, Facebook requires all new app creations to only use HTTPS urls. Also, it's advisable to use separate apps for the different extensions (EasySocial, EasyArticles & EasyDiscuss), this is so the ones that are approved can be set to production mode later on. 

Below are just an overview of all the proceedings:

  • Creating a new app  By registering as a developer
  • Setting up the app — To create your app ID 
  • Furnishing the app details — Acquired both App ID and App secret, update Namespace and App domains
  • Advance settings (optional)  For app restrictions and security
  • Products tab  To setup Facebook login with your site's OAuth redirect urls and deauthorizing your site url
  • Auto-posting integration  Update both App ID and App Secret at EasyBlog's back-end
  • App review — Ensure that the app is in development mode
  • Auto-posting authentication  A popup dialog would appear for authentication
  • Facebook integration (pages/groups) ​ Selecting your Facebook pages or groups

Part 2: App Review

​Now that you've already setup your Facebook app from Part 1, you will also need to submit the added permissions for the app review with the items listed below. 

  • ​Site's back-end and front-end access for Facebook's reviewer
  • Facebook test user account for Facebook's reviewer
  • Sample page and/or group for the Facebook test user account
  • Video recordings of how the respective permissions (manage_pages, publish_pages, publish_to_groups) are used
  • Instructions on how to replicate the steps in the video recordings 

Waiting period 

All these might take up weeks before Facebook could actually review your app.However, once your submitted application was approved by Facebook, you should then be able to start auto-posting posts to Facebook groups and pages. Otherwise, you might have to repeat Part 1 and Part 2 all over again, then try re-submitting if it was rejected.

Do you need help?

Just in case you're wondering, yes, we do provide this as a special service in addition to our normal support only for a nominal fee, since the entire process can be tedious and very time consuming. Bear in mind that the app approval decision is solely dependent on Facebook, which is something beyond our control.

If you're interested, just drop a ticket at our CRM and we will fill you in with the rest. Finally, do note that this is meant to be a general guideline, and it might not work 100% due to certain factors or circumstances. Should you need further clarification or information, feel free to get in touch with us on our forums

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