Living In NZ Photographs With EasyBlog.

Living In NZ Photographs With EasyBlog.

We have featured different Joomla sites that are using our extension through Site Of The Week. If you have missed out last week’s blog post, click Zeus Digital Media to read more

This week’s featured site is Living In NZ


Living In NZ blogs about photography, books, music and more. We managed to interview John Watt, owner of Living In NZ and below are the conversations we had:

1. Have you used any Joomla extensions before EasyBlog?

I’ve run Joomla for my site since 1.5 and initially used the built-in articles but wasn’t happy with the ease of use. So, I tried out K2 but again, just overly complicated for what I really wanted which was a one-stop shop that actually just works. At the same time, I checked out IDOBlog and LyftenBloggie but neither of them had the feel or the ease of use I wanted. I checked out EasyBlog and it did what it said on the tin, really simple and easy to use. EasyBlog is incredibly powerful so much so that I’ve basically designed my website around using EasyBlog as its core structure.

2. How did EasyBlog helped you better manage your blogs compared to your previous Joomla extensions?

It is just easy to use, plus the ability to post to it remotely from Windows Live Writer. I also found that I was able to rip out a number of other plugins to have the website share to Twitter and Facebook which helps in the reliability and again the ease of the site.

3. How did you get to know about our extensions and, why did you choose them for your site?

I spend probably about a week testing out the highest scoring blog components from Joomla and as I say EasyBlog just did exactly what I needed.

4. If there is one thing you can add or change in our product, what would that be?

The areas I’d suggest are tweaks in the showcase module. It would be nice for it to be able to just pick up a single image and expand that with the text floating on top. The new image wall is pretty nice but doesn’t have the feel of something like the Bamboo Box by JoomlaBamboo.

5. What do you think about our support team?

I think your support team is probably one of the best, if not the best (it’s close between you guys and my webhost for the best) I always get the support I need when I need it and it’s fast. I totally support and recommend you guys based on this (and the product of course!).

 John Watt, The Owner of Living In Nz.

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