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Komento, Renewals, and Goodies

Komento, Renewals, and Goodies

Komento 1.8.1 is out now!

Few thoughts and ideas crosses our minds when we're busy developing our new sites. Seeing that the site is up and running, I believe it would be just nice for me to share the thoughts here. 


We have released Komento 1.8.1 to our users. Apart from minor bugfixes (which you guys can check it out here), we've also implemented the rating system. I know, it's been forever since this was request but our developers are tied with other component's development. Kindly take note that the rating system will only be available to the Pro version of Komento.

We are planning on concentrating on Komento once we are done with the other component's development plan (which I am not allowed to expose here, yet). Other than that, we also have a secret plan of uplifting Komento but this plan is still under consideration as we need to justify the tasks involved with our developers. Currently our awesome developers are working on the development of EasySocial and, wait for it, EasyBlog! :) 

We promise you all that we will improve our product from time to time and follow the flow of modern times. 

By the way, you won't be able to see the 'Rating' feature in the Komento's changelog as Mark somehow did not put the 'Feature' tag when he committed the code. (Sorry Mark, I can't hide this from our user! Haha)

Before we move on, I am informed that our changelog is powered by ChangelogHQ. You guys might want to check it out as it's an awesome and powerful changelog component that helps you to create an easy-yet-powerful changelogs for your product.


Other than Komento, I would also like to talk about renewals. To be honest, the people behind Stack Ideas are customers too. We purchases cloud storages, newsletter service, servers and so much that requires a subscription payment rather than a one-time payment. At first we don't really feel anything but as time progress, we started to feel the pressure of sustaining the subscription as these are important components to help us running. 

Revelation hit us; our users are facing the same issue as we do, but with our product. We are torn between helping our users and running/sustaining our establishment. 

After so many sleepless nights, we've finally decided to put our trust in our product and users instead of putting our trust in numbers. Having said that, we are now updating the new site's coupon code from 'new purchase only' to 'new purchase and renewals'. This means that you can get 20% discount off from your renewals, too. In case you guys missed it, the coupon code is : 


We know it's not much, but we truly hope that this can help our users and lessen their burdens and promote them to renew their license with us. These renewals will provide access to the latest, most stable component versions to date. Kindly take note that this coupon code will not be available very long so I'd suggest for you to make haste and take advantage of this coupon code. :) 





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wowowo ... rating : :):):):):)

I knooooowww......

Just a quick question...

If we renew prior to our expiry date, does the new 1 year start now or at the end of our subscription expiry?


The renewal would be whichever that is later first If it has already expired, then it starts 1 year from now. If it hasn't expired yet, it will add an additional 1 year from that expiry date


Thank you Jordan!

Does this work for renewals of Easyblog?

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