Komento integrates with Cobalt 8

Komento integrates with Cobalt 8

In Joomla, there are many tools that you can use to make your site work better for you. With the help of Content Construction Kits (CCK) - like K2, FlexiContent and ZOO - you can do wonders with your content. Komento now supports these CCK and you can enable your comments in these articles. Today's blog is all about a new integration with the upcoming CCK -- Cobalt 8.

Cobalt 8 is a fast growing CCK that works in Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 also, this can be used to construct any kind of websites from online galleries to e-commerce. We are happy to announce that you can now add Komento into articles created from Cobalt 8. Cobalt 8 already has it's own built-in comment system but, you may still use Komento if it is your preferred choice.

Take a look at how Komento works in Cobalt 8's articles page:


Activating Komento is really easy. You obviously need to have Cobalt 8 and Komento installed to your site.

b2ap3_thumbnail_step-1.jpgFrom the backend of your Joomla, under Komento integrations, you should see a Cobalt 8 button, click on the button and this will bring you to the configuration page.

b2ap3_thumbnail_step-2.jpgFrom here you can enable / disable how you want Komento to work on theses pages.


 Simple as that!





Comments (7)

  1. guillaume

Amazing, i'm going to purchase komento pro version, any news about cobalt records in easyblog post ?

  1. Andrew Rogers    guillaume

Hey Guillaume,

Sorry for taking so long to reply you. The integration between Cobalt and EasyBlog could be tricky and may not be feasible. Cobalt is a CCK and it content can appear in many ways and EasyBlog may not be able to support those kinds of ways. However, let us talk to the Cobalt team and see if there is any possibilities. :o

  1. manu

Corejoomla is finishing integration with cobalt and cjblog, community answer, polls, etc
For sure an easyblog integration would be great

  1. Andrew Rogers    manu

Hi Manu,

Thanks for the suggestions. We will explore with Cobalt if there are any possibilities of integrations. ;)

  1. muhanad

Its great.. this component has most of the features we need. We are still waiting for integration between komento and jomsocial notification system though ..

  1. Mark    muhanad

Muhanad, which component are you referring to?

  1. Andrew Rogers    muhanad

Hi Muhanad,

Well, we've added this integration in our to-do list ;) No confirmed date once this is completed but we will make an announcement then. Thanks! ;)

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