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Komento 3.1.3 Released

Komento 3.1.3 Released

We have just released a maintenance release for Komento which addresses several teething issues from prior versions of Komento 3.1.3. Read on to learn more about the update.

Here are some of the changes in Komento 3.1.3 

  • Admins can now adjust the width for image and videos in comments ✨
  • Optimized performance when rendering comments
  • Komento now works with jDownloads v3.9
  • Emoticons now shows correctly when there are line breaks in comments
  • Pagination for comments in user's dashboard is now working correctly
  • Publish state in comments will now be migrated correctly with the migration tool
  • Addressed issue with special characters in EasySocial user's permalink
  • Fixed data markup errors in comment listings that does not have any ratings
  • Custom backgrounds styling should not be rendered when it is disabled
  • You may find the detailed changelog here 

Update To Komento 3.1.3 

Updating is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is head over to your dashboard and download the installer. Then, upload the installer just like you normally would. Just for you information, to update your Komento at the backend will only accessible after the release of Komento 3.1.4

Also feel free to get in touch with our support team if you need our support! We will always be there ??

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Thanks for the update !
waiting for the next BIG release, maybe v4 ?

I am wondering if you can include some cools features from Disqus :

Thanks for your insights but please do post them under the appropriate feature requests section

Hey Man, we can't discuss simply

any updates about the app ?

We do not yet have an update joy but we'll be sharing something soon

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