EasyBlog 5.2 Progress Updates Part 2

Komento 1.7.0 Now Integrates With EasySocial!

Komento 1.7.0 Now Integrates With EasySocial!


When Komento was launched in 2012, it was basically a simple comments tool for Joomla. Since then, we've been improving it with more features as suggested by our users and Komento has since grown from just another comments extension for Joomla to a sophisticated engagement tool.

Today, we are extremely happy to announce the availability of Komento 1.7.0 that tightly integrates with EasySocial, our brand new social networking extension. We want to thank all our beloved users for your ideas.

Komento 1.7 is compatible with Joomla 2.5, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2.


Most of the enhancements are found in the integration of Komento with EasySocial:

1. Avatar & Profile Integration

Share your own avatar from Komento when interacting with EasySocial. No need for signing up again. Your avatar and profile will be shown in EasySocial now if there are any new comments/replies posted.

2. Badges and Points

Reward your users with points and recognize them for their contributions with these cool badges. The more points and badges they get, the happier they are. Happy users will love coming back to your site for more.

3. Notification and Stream

New activities such as comment and replies from Komento is shown live in EasySocial. These notifications appear on the activity stream as well as the alerts button on the EasySocial toolbar.

4. Login to EasySocial with Komento

We've made it smooth for your members to access to EasySocial from Komento. When members singup/login in Komento, it will route them to EasySocial to process and allow the access. It basically uses EasySocial to process this flow, unifying the feel and experience.

You can view more details of this version in our changelog.


It may seem that many things are happening behind Komento with all these EasySocial integration but fret not as we've built this version of Komento with the latest Javascript framework so you will expect faster page load time.

Complete the whole socializing experience in EasySocial with Komento. Download Komento 1.7.0 now!



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  1. Richard

Very smooth, all integrations worked first time in Joomla 3.2, great work guys, super job!

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  1. Apson

Thank you for the compliment Richard :)

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  1. Barki

@Apson #Great stuff! :)

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