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KinderJet travels on our Joomla extensions

KinderJet travels on our Joomla extensions

Site of the week is where we feature different Joomla sites that use our Joomla extensions. You can take this as a case study on our products and also to know how other users are experiencing our Joomla extensions and their thoughts on them.

Today we are featuring a travel site, KinderJet. Their site uses our Social Professional Bundle that consists of EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento. The site is basically blogging about family traveling and outing.

We have interviewed Paul Toth, President of KinderJet to ask about his view and experience on our products, and this was our conversation:

1. Have you used any Joomla extensions before EasyBlog?

Yes, we started with another blog extension but it was so clumsy and difficult to work with that we were considering to just use the stock Joomla article. Then I found EasyBlog and the rest was history.

2. How did EasyBlog help you better manage your blogs compared to your previous Joomla extensions?

EasyBlog is very well thought out and includes pretty much everything you need when running a blog. From adding media to scheduling posts, EasyBlog has allowed us to be flexible in how we need to manage our site. And it looks great out of the box! We have done a few minor tweaks to the overall look to match our template but what you see is more or less stock.

3. How did you get to know about our extensions and why did you choose them for your site?

After being so frustrated with the other extensions I started to look around at various blog extensions or components. We wanted more control over everything on our site, which is why we stayed away from WordPress and Blogger. EasyBlog gives us that control and flexibility to operate and manage our site. We've added EasyDiscuss and Komento as well. One of the things I like is that all these components are made by Stackideas so they fit together as you'd expect, plus any support issues you may have will get solved.

4. If there is one thing you can add or change in our product, what would that be?

I really do think that your products are very well thought out that there's nothing major. If there was one thing that I think would benefit me and probably other users is having a 'Profile' component. So regardless of whether you are using EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss or Komento they would all use the Profile component. As it stands right now each product has it's own and while getting them to talk to each other was not hard it was just a step that I probably didn't need to take if there was just one Profile component (I'd call it EasyProfile).

5. What do you think about our support team?

The Stackideas support team is outstanding. Response was generally very fast and always polite, but more importantly they are very helpful. I had a recent issue that not only did they solve but suggested additional code to make it do what I needed it to do. I doubt that there is another support team out there that is as attentive as Stackideas.

See our Joomla extensions in action for KinderJet:







Special thanks to Paul for the opportunity to showcase his website here.聽

Paul Toth, President of KinderJet.com


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