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JoomlaShine has a new Joomla template for EasyBlog

JoomlaShine has a new Joomla template for EasyBlog

From time to time, we introduce to you new aspirations to build your websites in Joomla. If you are a Wordpress user and looking to start a blog, you can count on Joomla for scalability and wider functions. And if you have customers looking to start a blog for their company website, why not introduce them with Joomla? 

Today, we are happy to give you another tip to build a beautiful blog in Joomla, powered by JSN Mico, the brand new Joomla template created by JoomlaShine.

Here is a screenshot of JSN Mico with special styling done to support EasyBlog, the preferred Joomla blog extension:


You could also view the live demo of JSN Mico template at our DEMO page.

JSN Mico is a fun template for any variety of website or a blogging site. This Joomla template has also been optimized to support EasyBlog and its powerful blogging features. You can rest assure that JSN Mico is fully responsive and it will look great in smartphones, tablets and iPads. Bear in mind, you need to have your website to be in Joomla 2.5 or 3.0 to make this template work.

Here's how JSN Mico looks in its original form:


This is the 5th template with EasyBlog styling built by the creative team at JoomlaShine. The other four Joomla templates were:

We'd like you to check out the beautiful templates from JoomlaShine if you are shopping for a brand new Joomla theme. If you are a StackIdeas customer, you will automatically enjoy 30% discount on JoomlaShine's templates. Click on our Partners page to get the coupon code.

The JSN Mico-EasyBlog combo is all you need to create a solid Joomla website with a blog. Go ahead and download EasyBlog today.


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i bought this template now how can install the easyblog theme which is in the download area ? the file is called jsn_mico_easyblog_unzip_me_first.zip

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