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Joomla! Humble Bundle: Help Stackideas & Joomlart to raise $1Mil for Joomla

Joomla! Humble Bundle: Help Stackideas & Joomlart to raise $1Mil for Joomla

How did Joomla helped you and your site? This is a great opportunity for you to try out our Joomla extensions for less. The Joomla Humble Bundle is the deal that gives you the FREEDOM to choose how much you want to contribute. This great Bundle contains products from both Stackideas and Joomlart positioned in a very unique way to help you achieve what you want, at a minimal cost.

In fact, you are not only buying top quality Joomla products but also donating to the Joomla project to finance future Joomla events and conferences. To be exact, we are in a common mission to raise $1,000,000 for the Joomla project in its endeavors.


With a good cause for the community, we are joining hands with Joomlart to come up with an awesome bundle deal you will find useful:聽


I am sure there are many questions that are crossing your mind now, do not fear your queries can be solved here:

What is Joomla! Humble Bundle all about?

The Joomla! Hunble Bundle is about giving you more for less, and same time contribute to a noble cause where every Joomla user can benefit from. This Bundle is a collaboration of StackIdeas with Joomlart where you can grab your favorite Joomla addons at the price you CHOOSE. More details here. This Bundle is NOT a sale, it is a contribution to the community.

Why should you purchase this deal?

You can say that this is the best opportunity to own the greatest Joomla! products at a very minimum price of $150. However, we hope that your generosity of giving will help Joomla! to raise $1million and make the Joomla! user community proud.

Some FAQ before making your Joomla Humble Bundle purchase:

1. What will happen after my payment is successful?

Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email instantly with full instructions and a coupon code to access and download the Joomla addons of the Bundle.

2. I have already made a payment however, I did not receive any email. Did something went wrong somewhere?

You might want to look into your spam filter for the email as it might appear there. However, if you still can't find it anywhere, you will need to send an email to bundle@joomlart.com and report the problem you have.

Remember to include the list of items below in your email report:

  • Email used for payment
  • Full name
  • Transaction ID

3. Do I get an invoice once the purchase is made?

A PDF version of an invoice will be given only upon request. You will need to send an email to bundle@joomlart.com to request for it.

4. If I am facing an issue with the products, will I get support?

If you have any questions that are related to the deal and coupon codes, you will need to send an email to bundle@joomlart.com together with your payment details.

We will only provide support to issues related to our products. Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@stackideas.com if Komento or EasyDiscuss is not working right.

5. Can I ask for a refund?

As this is an effort for contributing to the Joomla project, this offer is not a promotional sale. Therefore, we cannot allow any requests for refunds. We hope you understand.


We hope that you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy helping Joomla! to raise $1million. We look forward in building a better community for Joomla!

This initiative lasts till Tuesday, January 8th, 2013.


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awesome but why Job Board! That's is such a specific usages that there wont be a big targeted market for to attract interest into buying.

Hello Fred! Thanks but this is actually a marketing decision made by the guys at Joomlart and we respect their decisions since our main goal here is to help them achieve the $1M dreams! If you have something to spare, feel free to just donate :p

P/S: I think Job board is a really cool component too. You should take this opportunity to give a boost to your site

Comment was last edited about 6 years ago by Mark Mark

Yea it does look like a great component, I too see some future use with Job Boards for myself and my company I just don't think it will attract a lot of people thats all.

Comment was last edited about 6 years ago by Fred Fred

Oh, I see. Not a problem at all Fred

Any chance of having a bundle deal with easyblog?

Hi Stephane,

We have some EasyBlog bundles that are already available at reduced prices that you can check out in our Bundles page.

Comment was last edited about 6 years ago by Andrew Rogers Andrew Rogers

I am sorry, but I am afraid there are no bundles available for EasyBlog currently

easydisscuss + easyblog + joomlart template = perfect

Hi Monthon,

Well, you could be lucky in the near future!

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