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Join The Pool of OpenTranslators

Join The Pool of OpenTranslators

To our dearest translators,聽

We would like to say 'THANK YOU' for volunteering to translate our components. We are deeply appreciative of your efforts to translate EasyBlog and EasyDiscuss so that users of your country and language can benefit from the goodness of our products too. Because of this, we have grown to another level of achievement for ourselves and the company.

As an effort to help you grow with us, both professionally and personally, we will be opening up more opportunities for you to translate not only our software but also software from other Joomla developers in the community.

You will soon be able to offer your professional translations for other Joomla components/plugins via this network of international translators called OpenTranslators. Joining OpenTranslators is like joining our projects in Transifex because they are using the SAME model of managing translations.

We would like you to join OpenTranslators from now on. Please refer to this guide to join http://opentranslators.org/en/joining-a-translation-team

Once you have joined OpenTranslators, you can select our projects by searching for EasyBlog/EasyDiscuss and start translating right away. Don't worry, all your previous translations for EasyBlog is not lost and you can resume translating from where you have stopped.

We are aware that the teams you join in OpenTranslators may already have a co-ordinator (leader) but don't worry because they are there for a reason -- to ensure QUALITY translations work. If you are already a co-ordinator in our Transifex account, we hope that you have no issues joining as a member of a team in OpenTranslators later.

If you are in the midst of translating, we would advise that you complete the translations soonest possible.

We hope you take this as your top priority because we will be releasing a new build of Easyblog soon and you may miss the new language files that will be uploaded to OpenTranslators. We hope you could make the move soonest possible.

We'd also like to emphasize that inactive translators will have their access to our software revoked if there is no translations done. We want to give a fair chance to deserving translators who trust in what they do.

All current translations and moving to OpenTranslators should be completed by November 6th, 2011 (two weeks from today).

If you have any inquiries, feel free to email to andrew [at] stackideas.com.


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Hello, Iam need to Join translator Team, for spanish translation easy blog... what are the benefits???

Hey RC,

As a translator, you'll get all subscriptions of our products Once we moved to OpenTranslators, you'll need to apply to be a translator through their page

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