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Introducing Conversations Mobile App

Introducing Conversations Mobile App

It has been a pretty hectic month for us and this week, I would like to share with you an upcoming new app to handle conversations on mobile devices.

Built Exclusively for Conversations

When we released EasySocial Mobile Native App, many of you were requesting for a simple app that is exclusive for conversations, nothing else. The app would list conversations on a separate app rather than an app that contains the complexity of all other social network components.

Therefore, we decided to build a Conversation app from scratch that solely focuses on your Conversations from EasySocial.


The biggest challenge for us when we developed the EasySocial Native Mobile App is the complexity that comes along with the app because of all the social elements. 

As the Conversations app is built exclusively for conversations, we have redesigned the interface from the ground up to offer the best user experience in their day to day communications.

Rich Media & Giphy

The Conversations app will also support rich media out of the box. This includes file attachments and cool GIPHY images just like how you have them on EasySocial.

Better Conversation Management

Because we are able to streamline and focus on conversations only, we have added extensive controls on the Conversations app.

Dark & Light Mode Supported

The Conversations app also supports dark and light mode out of the box with a beautiful profile popup which can also be linked to your EasySocial Native Mobile App.

Saturn Build Manager

Saturn is an automated build manager and it behaves similarly like Titan. For those who already own a subscription with Titan would know that this is an extremely useful build tool to help facilitate the build process in building the native apps for both iOS and Android. 

Pre Order Starts Today!

For this week only (Valid till 17th August 2020 GMT), get access to this App for $129 only (Includes 6 months of support and product updates). The retail price of the app will be sold at $299 and this includes exclusive updates and support for 6 months. 

If everything goes as planned, we are targeting for a beta release around September 2020.

-- Edited (Pre-order period has ended)

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