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New Translation Platform

New Translation Platform

We have moved to Crowdin, a new translation platform. Crowdin is a translation manager to help translators to translate language strings easily. Read on to learn more about the migration.

The move is mainly because it has reached a point where we gave up on Transifex because of the costings and looked at the possibility of not hosting any translations any longer as there were simply too many things on our plate.

Wilco Alsemgeest from Joomla! managed to secure a deal with Crowdin to allow extension developers to host their translations on Crowdin. Therefore, we decided to move to Crowdin and host all of our translations there instead. Joomla! and Crowdin has been extremely generous in providing the platform for us to allow our translators to translate language strings. ?

Join Our Translation Team ?

If you are proficient in your native language and would like to help us out with the translation, please do get in touch with our team and we are more than happy to get you on board with the translations. Translating on Crowdin will ensure that our extensions can be served in your native language and it will ensure that these languages could be installed easily.

We are looking for translators and proofreaders to ensure the quality of the translations. Head over to any of the projects listed above and get in touch with us.

Thank You!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Crowdin Enterprise for providing such an awesome translation platform to the open source community!


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Great news! Thank you Joomla!

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Great news, happy to help you for translating in French Komento, EasyDiscuss, EasySocial and ConverseKit. I will check how Crowdin work...

Thank you sir!

I 've been helping to translate EasyBlog to Spanish during the last 2 years. I just tried Crowdin and it is easy to use. Translation is almost complete (99%)

Thank you for your contributions Fernando, we appreciate all efforts placed into the translations

Great news!

Account created and already started to improve some string translations.
I'm waiting for others to connect and start a cooperation providing a translation that will fit ALL sites and not fit the translators' site only !!!!

Thank you Supporter. Would you like to be a proofreader? This way, you can be the boss

Proofreader: Yes, why not...
The Boss: No !
Cooperation is the key

Cool, could you send a pm to me on Crowdin so that I can add you. Let me know which locale too.

Great news, congrats! Is there any plans to add 'Latvian' as a translate-able language? I would contribute my time to make it complete.

Sure, we are more than happy to add the language. Which particular product would you want to translate?

Let's start with EasyBlog, EasyArticles & Komento. Later - PayPlans, EasyDiscuss and EasySocial

Sure, we have added Latvian to our projects.

Glad you haven't given up on the translations.

I won't translate anything myself, but expect I will have to get some translations done. I am happy to share them if and when that happens.

Thank you Anthony

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