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iMaQma Blogging with EasyBlog

iMaQma Blogging with EasyBlog

Welcome back to Site Of The Week. The blog post that feature different Joomla sites using our Joomla extensions - EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento. If you missed out last week's site, click ShootSmarter to view the blog.

This week we are featuring iMaQma


iMaQma is a Joomla extension site that blogs most things related to Joomla. Click here to read more about their blog.

We interviewed Pedro Gonçalves, founder, CEO and Senior Developer of iMaQma, and below are the conversations that we had:

1. Have you used any Joomla extensions before EasyBlog?

Yes, I did use other blog extensions before.

2. How did EasyBlog helped you better manage your blogs compared to your previous Joomla extensions?

It's much easier and much more feature rich.

3. How did you get to know about our extensions and, why did you choose them for your site?

Because from the ones I've tested EasyBlog was more than one step ahead.

4. If there is one thing you can add or change in our product, what would that be?

For me, it has all that I need but you guys keep improving it with great features.

5. What do you think about our support team?

Never used support but all contacts I had with you guys were very good.

Pedro Gonçalves, founder, CEO and Senior Developer of iMaQma

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