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How to migrate your existing comments to Komento?

How to migrate your existing comments to Komento?

Let's face it, we humans are not a happy lot when it comes to changes in our lives. Likewise, if you are moving all your existing comments from one Joomla component to another, the thought of migration easily puts you off when you have to deal with technical processes.

Well, for Komento, moving your old comments to Komento does not require rocket science. If you need to migrate comments from components that Komento doesn't support (like JomComment), you can breathe easy now as Komento comes with custom migration.

It only requires very minimal clicks to make the move over, really. To access custom migration, go to your Joomla's backend, and access Komento -> Migration, and you will see the "Custom" tab, in the image below. (click to enlarge view)


Just select the table name and the corresponding column name, set the component filter to your desired component, and click Start Migration. Simple as that!

Notice that the progress bar shows you the status of the migration so it may require a little longer time to move all your comments over to Komento if you have a large comment database.

What about migrating from other comment extensions?

You can also migrate your comments from ZOO, K2, SLIComments, JComments, JA Comment, CompoJoomComment, RSComments and even from EasyBlog out-of-the-box for Komento. For components that are not supported yet, Custom Migration is now here for you to migrate from any database table.

Feel free to drop us your comments below about this convenience. If you have any technical issues, you can post it in our Komento forum.


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I just wanted to add that Migrating from Jreviews comments is also possible by using tutorial posted in this thread:
You could also include it as clickable solution among other provided migrating methods.

Thanks for sharing this Krx

It would be nice to make one for JomComment from azrul.

Thanks! We actually already have a JomComment migrator which is used internally. If you need help with the migrations, let us know This will be included in the future versions of Komento

Hello Mark,

I am interested by your JomComment migrator.

I try to apply the custom parameters you show on the image above but with no success. After migration all the articles with comments do not display on my site.

Any advice?

Hi Pifailleve,

If you are having issues, please create a thread in our support forums or if you are our priority customer, create a ticket @ crm.stackideas.com so that our support team can attend to your issues.

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