How to add comments into image galleries in Joomla?

How to add comments into image galleries in Joomla?

Whether it is a website on photography, catalogs, or an online family album, you will need a reliable image gallery extension to do the job for you. Better if both the gallery and comments tool work smoothly together so you could save more time in development. You could search the JED for the right Joomla extensions for the perfect combo but in this blog, you don't need to search far -- we've got just the right recommendations for you.

Enter FW Gallery and Komento in this new integration effort between StackIdeas and FastW3b!

FW Gallery contains useful features that's flexible for any kind of website to display beautiful image galleries. To enable comments for these images, just use Komento. The latest FW Gallery version 2.1 is compatible with Joomla 2.5 and 3.0 and is optimized for Komento with the help of the Comment Plugin for FW Gallery. 

See how Komento fits like a glove within the images displayed inside FW Gallery:


Deploying this combo doesn't require rocket scientist. You just need 3 items to make this work:

  1. FW Gallery extension
  2. Komento extension
  3. Comment Plugin for FW Gallery (the all important tool to bridge both extensions)

Download and install all 3 items in your Joomla. In the Plug-in Manager of your Joomla backend, make sure that Komento is selected inside the Comment Plugin basic options tab.


After that, go to Komento backend > Integration and select Komento-FWGallery integration.


Make sure that comments are enabled and check other settings that may be important for you.


You're done! You now have an online gallery that's ready to receive comments and feedback from viewers.



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  1. Nash

Try :)

  1. Barry Pott

Tried out this method and it really did work. Thanks.

  1. johndoee

do you mean annotation so that you can add comments to the image? this image programme works well.

  1. Enny John

I will surely give that try.. Thanks for sharing.

  1. Robert Carter

doesn't exist, waste of time.

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