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How Jen Kramer Uses EasyBlog

How Jen Kramer Uses EasyBlog




Jen Kramer

Author, Speaker, Instructor and Owner of jenkramer.org


We found out that Jen Kramer is quite an avid blogger so we decided to do a little interview with her recently about blogging. We’ve also chosen her site, jenkramer.org as our site of the week as she is one of our valued user of EasyBlog too!

If you are not aware, Jen Kramer is a trainer who provides training for website design, website development, content management system (CMS), international marketing and website planning and strategy courses for adults.

She chose EasyBlog blogging tool to share about the different technology, Joomla extensions, some programming tutorials and more.

We’ve asked the lovely Jen about her experience with EasyBlog and below are the details of the conversation:

1. Before EasyBlog, what other Joomla blog extensions did you used?

I always try to use core Joomla wherever possible, and I only add extensions when absolutely required. I wanted to be able to tag the blog posts, plus I wanted easy commenting. I also wanted the posts to be tied into social media. Unfortunately, Joomla core does none of that. I previously worked with MyBlog, when my site was in Joomla 1.5 and sadly it seemed to have security issues.

EasyBlog was well recommended by the community, was compatible with Joomla 3, and seemed to have an easy interface. StackIdeas was also a supporter of Joomla Day New England, so that also helped to make the decision to use EasyBlog an easy one.

2. How did EasyBlog helped you better manage your blog compared to the previous Joomla extensions?

It's a little easier. MyBlog did not have the social media integrations, but then, it came out in 2008. You had to integrate comments separately. But again, this was ancient history in the Joomla community, and blog extensions have changed quite a bit since then.

3. How did you learnt about EasyBlog and amongst all, why does EasyBlog fit the bill?

I typically go to the Joomla Extensions Directory, like most people in Joomla, and I look at the extensions offered. I look for extensions with a long track record, a solid company behind them, good recommendations, and timely responses to any negative comments. I look for an active support forum (where that is obvious). I look at what the company is contributing to the Joomla community, and I look at what my fellow Joomla developers are saying about a given extension and its company. All of this was favorable for EasyBlog.

4. If there is one thing you want to change in EasyBlog, what will that be?

Nothing comes to mind.

5. How do you find our technical support services?

I've never needed to use them.


Here is a screenshot of how EasyBlog looks in jenkramer.org


If you are looking for someone to provide training on web development, design and anything to do with websites, Joomla or not, you could contact Jen for an obligation-free consultation.


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Awesome! It is great to see how someone else uses Easy Blog. Love the Q&A format of the post!

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