Hang in there! Your downloads are on the way!

Hang in there! Your downloads are on the way!

If you have just purchased any of our products and you are unable to access your downloads at "My Accounts" page, do not fret, we are resolving this issue right now!

What went wrong?
Due to recent API changes in our friendly payment gateway provider Plimus, all new purchases made through Paypal are not returning sufficient transaction data to our billing system to unlock your software downloads.

Hang in there! Your downloads are on the way!
Our support team is currently verifying all recent purchases made within 6 hours ago against Plimus right now and gradually enabling downloads for you. Our developers, on the other hand, are working frantically to adapt our billing system to the new API changes in Plimus.

We know you are excited to download and install our extensions right away and we appreciate your patience for delaying your gratification of using our software!

If you are still having issues accessing your downloads, please log a ticket with us at http://helpdesk.stackideas.com


Updates: This issue has been resolved and you should be able to get instant access to your downloads now after making the payments via Paypal.


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