Get a FREE JoomlaShine blog template for EasyBlog

Get a FREE JoomlaShine blog template for EasyBlog

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'Tis the season to be jolly ... fa lalala lalalala....!

That song has been ringing in my head for the past week and while savoring the Christmas spirit portrayed in shopping malls, I thought, lets do something DIFFERENT for our Joomla customers.

We've striked up a joint effort with partner JoomlaShine to offer you a Christmas Bundle so that you can start blogging in Joomla when you have time in between your holiday.

What's in the Christmas Bundle?

This Bundle consists of EasyBlog Community license and a JoomlaShine template JSN Pixel for FREE at a super saver price of $59 for 12-months support license for both products. Instead of $118, you only pay $59 for this Bundle.

There are several other Joomla templates that support EasyBlog and you can choose either one of them below:

The Bundle is already pre-loaded with JSN Pixel so if you prefer the other one in the list, you just need to write to JoomlaShine.
In essence, all of the Joomla templates by JoomlaShine works smoothly with EasyBlog and our other extensions so you will be assured of smooth extension/template operation for your Joomla site.

This promo starts today and expires on Dec 23rd, 2013 at 2359 hours (UTC+8)



Have a wonderful Christmas to you from all of us at StackIdeas!


Comments (7)

  1. Pierre Gazzola

Shoot own both :(

  1. Ferlin Mogot

Hello, how the promotion work for registered user? i f I have to buy the EasyBlog Community Edition?

Thanks :)

  1. Apson    Ferlin Mogot

Hello Ferlin, You will have to write to JoomlaShine once you have purchase EasyBlog Community. Yes this is only valid for EasyBlog Community :)

  1. Boris Ulcar

This special just for Community doesn't make any sense. I just got Professional a few days ago. Reason for getting that version is for a few more themes and no copyright. Would love to get some of those templates.

So should I just return my version and re-purchase Community?

  1. Mark

Hello Boris,

Please write to us at :)

  1. Sant Apple

Very very very good

  1. Lisa Smith

Is there a demo for the admin section?

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