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EasySocial 1.2 Status Report

EasySocial 1.2 Status Report

It has been approximately 1 month since the release of EasySocial 1.1 and it's about time that we unleash some teaser screen shots of the upcoming EasySocial 1.2 and why we believe you will all fall in love with the upcoming release.


New Theme

In our first release of EasySocial 1.0, we shipped the wireframe theme with EasySocial and it wasn't really meant to be for the prime time because the entire idea behind the wireframe is for 3rd party template clubs or application developers to build their apps on. Since then, we have made quite a tremendous amount of mock ups and finally decided to keep this a very minimal change until we find the sweet spot. After all, designing a theme isn't just about changing the colors!



As indicated in our product roadmap for EasySocial 1.2, we have included Groups for EasySocial 1.2 and we are not merely just building a simple Groups functionality. It has tons of exciting features that will increase interactivity between Group members. What empowers Groups are the apps itself as you can practically build anything with the Groups.



Advanced Search

We understand that people would like to be able to search other users on the site by filtering specific field types that are already created on the site. We have addressed this in EasySocial 1.2 where it will incorporate an awesome looking advanced search. Not only does it perform the searches, it also allows you to save them into your search list as well.



Mailchimp Integrations

Along with this release, we have also seen an increase in demand for a Mailchimp integration. This new custom field allows users on the site to have the the ability to subscribe to your mailing list on mailchimp simply by checking the subscribe checkbox when they register on the site.



Twitter Bootstrap 3

With the rapid growth of technology that we have today, we have decided to not be left behind. In EasySocial 1.2, we have decided to upgrade to Twitter Bootstrap 3. This is not a simple move but it's rather a pretty drastic one. Anyone that uses Twitter Bootstrap 2 would definitely understand the pain that we have to go through.



Retina Ready

We have also updated our back end to include retina ready icons. This also means that if you are viewing EasySocial with a mobile device, ipad or even on a Mac Retina, everything will still look awesome in your eyes.




Other improvements

I can't list them all here because there are just too many changes but we will be publishing more about these changes as we progress :)

That's it folks! Thank you for reading and hope you continue to enjoy the products that we have to offer. There is NO ETA on the release of EasySocial 1.2 yet but we will announce it when it is readily available.

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