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Foxality Goes Hiking With EasyBlog

Foxality Goes Hiking With EasyBlog

Site of the week is where we feature Joomla sites that are using our extensions on their sites. If you would like to know how EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss or Komento works, this will be your chance to see how our Joomla extensions are applied in different types of Joomla websites, here.

This week we are featuring Foxality.org. If you missed out last week’s blog, do check out Madison Recruitmen to read more.

Foxality is a German site that blogs about outdoor sports. You can read more about their blog here. We recently interviewed Michael Gatto, Administrator of Foxality.org. Below are the conversations that we had:


1. What was your previous blogging tool before EasyBlog?

Before this, we have been writing all of our articles using the Joomla core tools itself

2. Why did you choose EasyBlog to be used on your site?

I started this project in 2007 with Joomla v1.5 and that time my team and I wanted to write only a few articles on outdoor sports and present them in an easy way. One big problem in Joomla which still exists is the image handling. Only a few bloggers on my site have the knowledge about image resizing. This was the main reason why we were searching for a good Joomla blogging tool that can help achieve this convenience.

We decided to use EasyBlog because it suits best for our requirements: update cycle, service, Jomsocial integration, social tools, pricing, and performance and last but not least, Mark (your lead developer) is on board! ;)

3. What do you think about EasyBlog so far?

I like the seamless integration with Jomsocial as well as the auto-posting feature of the social tools like Facebook and Twitter -- a must-have for a blogging tool! In addition, all your products EasyBlog, EasyDiscuss and Komento work very well together and I must say they perfectly complements our webpage.

Also, I'm often impressed by the speed of service of the Stackideas Team. The kind of support and proximity to the customer is outstanding!

4. Will you recommend EasyBlog to others?

Definitely! I’d like to say that the customer service and the products worth every dollar I paid!


 Michael Gatto, Administrator of Foxality.org.

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