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EasySocial Mobile Native App v2.0

EasySocial Mobile Native App v2.0

I would like to take this opportunity to provide some insights on the upcoming release of EasySocial Mobile Native App version 2.0. This is the first major release for native app and I am extremely thrilled to share this with you. Read on to learn more.

? Dark Mode

Probably one of the most requested feature is the dark mode support. The native app will now include dark mode support. Users would have the ability to toggle between dark mode in 2.0

?  Monetization with Admob

Admob Integrations

Another important aspect for running a social network is to be able to sustain and the only way to do that is to monetize from visitors of your site or app. With this release, you will be able to setup Admob along with your native app. It is completely optional.

?  Event Listings for Groups

Event & Video Listings for Groups

Prior to this update, it wasn't possible to list events under a group on the native app. With this release, your users would be able to view events that are created in the group.

?  Video Listings for Clusters (Groups, Pages and Events)

Video Listing for Clusters

We have also added the feature to list videos under Groups, Events and Pages. Videos that are uploaded on the respective pages, would appear under the Videos tab accordingly.

Activity Stream Filters

Activity Stream Filtering

This release also includes the ability to filter activity streams by specific filters allowing your users to curate their activity streams.

Native Video Uploads

Native Video Upload Support

Native video uploads from mobile devices are now supported and your users can now upload videos directly from their mobile device!

?  Native Audio Uploads

Audio Uploads

Similar to native video upload support, we also added support for native audio uploads and users from the site can now upload audio files directly from their mobile devices.

?  Choose From Photos

You can now choose photos from your existing photo albums and use them as your profile picture or the picture for your groups, events and pages.

?  Category Filtering

Users can now filter audios and videos using the category filtering option in the app.

Version Changes

Moving forward, the Native app will now use a major version format, e.g: 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 etc. The last fragment will now automatically be the build number as Apple does not allow you to re-submit an app with the same build number.

Other Notable Changes

Apart from these awesome additions, the team also spent a lot of time improving and updating existing functionality. During this process, they also killed quite a number of ? ?

  • Photo titles can now be modified on the app
  • Fixed issue with errors generated on the screen of editing a page
  • Fixed preview issues when reposting an album with multiple pictures
  • Addressed issue with display of mood images on the app
  • Fixed issues with deprecated lifecycle notices from React
  • Updated aspect ratio of cover photo to be well suitable for most photos
  • Added an end notice when the user reaches to the end of the activity stream and there is nothing else to load

Pricing Updates

The new pricing tier is now made more affordable for customers to start building their native apps. You sign-up for the first month at $299 and only need to fork out $129 on subsequent months. If you decide to not continue, you can cancel the subscription at any point of time. 

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