Changes to Voices and the Next EasySocial

Changes to Voices and the Next EasySocial

This is going to be one of my shortest blog post ever :p But it's definitely worth the read!

What's Next for EasySocial

What's next for EasySocial? We have tons to share with you but before doing so, I would like to announce the availability of our Roadmap for EasySocial. The road map page would provide you a better insight on our development path for EasySocial.




View EasySocial Road Map

Changes to Voices for EasySocial

Along with the road map release, the access to the  Voices Page now opened up to anyone with a valid user account. After much discussions with our customers, we have decided to open this page up to be more transparent and responsive to our customers. Voting would be allowed to anyone with a registered account. Creating requests however would require that you have a valid license.

  Access Voices Page


That's about it folks! Oh yes, and before I forget if you guys have any suggestion or feedback for EasySocial, feel free to leave it under the comment area :) Enjoy!


Comments (4)

  1. damodamo

its nice that there is a roadmap but the one thing i would like to see isn't on it ..

does that mean it's not going to be considered?

  1. Mark

What would you like to see there damodamo? Just in case you didn't notice, you can click on the milestones on the right to filter between features :p

  1. damodamo

I did click .. couldn't find it.

What I'd like is the ability to control what files are uploaded to albums, so not just photos.

  1. Mark

Ah, some sort of media management rather than an album? We were actually discussing this during our product development meeting and we thought that we should include this after the videos support are added.

We'll see how this goes. Did you create a new voice at yet? Let's see what the community are saying about this?

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