EasySocial 3.2.4 Released

EasySocial 3.2.4 Released

In today's post, we would like to announce the availability of EasySocial 3.2.4. This maintenance update addresses several teething issues as well as contains several bug fixes over the prior version. Read on to learn more ➡️

These are the fixes and refinements that are included in EasySocial 3.2.4 : 

  • Search in backend alerts listing now work properly 
  • Error no longer shows on private group discussion page 
  • Accessing group edit page no longer redirects to 404 page 
  • Tabs on 'Activity Log' can now be scrolled properly on mobile view
  • Photo uploading now properly respects the 'Photo ordering' setting
  • Site admin can now properly delete files and folders in the cluster as a non-member
  • The 'Use in Friend Suggest' setting in the address custom field will now work correctly 
  • Hashtag permalinks are no longer transliterated for certain languages in the comments section
  • Conversation items will now open directly when individual conversations are accessed from the notification icons on mobile view
  • You may find the details notes over here

Update to EasySocial 3.2.4  

​If you are updating from EasySocial 3.2.x, you can click the Update ​button that found on the administration section in EasySocial. Otherwise, you can also download the launcher or full package installer at your dashboard, and execute the installation like you normally would. 

Feel free to get in touch with our support team if you require any assistance ?

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will we read soon something about the app :c? Or does it have somewhere a roadmap for stackideas products?

Hey Joy,

The post for Native App will be releasing in real soon Please stay tuned!

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