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Introducing EasySocial 3.2

Introducing EasySocial 3.2

Hello folks! ​Today we are proud to present to you the stable release of EasySocial 3.2 ? This version of EasySocial is packed with new functionality as well as improvements.

In case you missed the previous EasySocial 3.2 beta post that was posted earlier, we will list down the features contained in this release here. Read on to learn more  ➡️

Quick Postings ⚡️ 

Quick Postings from the Dashboard

Allowing users to quickly post into their Groups, Pages or Events is an idea that has been at the back of our heads since the beginning and it is now made possible thanks to the iteration of updates that we had since 2.x.

It will now be much easier for users to quickly post into their Groups, Pages or Events directly from their dashboard. We believe that this will help users on your site to interact with one another effectively. ?

Giphy Integrations ?

Giphy on Story
Giphy on Comments

We love to use GIFs and we know you do too. EasySocial is now integrated with Giphy! Users on the site will now interact more frequently since adding a GIF is as simple as searching or clicking on a GIF ?

Mass Actions ?​  

Mass Selection

It was frustrating when trying to perform actions against one or more users in a group, page or an event. With EasySocial 3.2, you will now be able to select multiple users and apply action on them.

This feature is rolled out for Group Members, Page Followers as well as Event Attendees.

Searching for Settings ?​  

Search for Settings in EasySocial

There are a ton of settings in EasySocial that ranges from disabling certain functionality of EasySocial right up to the colors of the buttons. With the new improved settings, you can now search for settings right from the setting screen.

We believe that this feature would be handy for most of you.

 Albums Password ?​

Setting Password for Albums
View in Album Listing

Users can now also set a password for their photo albums. This is particularly useful for users who want to restrict visibility of their albums to people who has the password.

 Link Sharing ?​

Copy Links

Sharing links has never been easier on a mobile device with this feature. With EasySocial 3.2, users can now click on the "copy link" button and the link will be automatically copied to the system clipboard.

 Updates for Videos, Audio and Albums ?​

Prior to EasySocial 3.2, video, photo or audio items that are posted in a group, event or a page will not appear on the global listing of their respective pages. With this update, these items will now appear on the respective sections provided that the Group, Page or Event is made public.

Image Optimizer ?️ 

Image Optimizer for EasySocial

When we introduced the image optimizer in EasyBlog, many were also looking for a similar functionality in EasySocial. We are now bringing the Image Optimizer service into EasySocial as well!

With an optional subscription that starts from as low as only $5.99 / month, this service remotely optimizes and compresses images that are uploaded via EasySocial. This in turn results into saving your disk space usage and generally improvise loading time of your site.

Improved Birthday Module ?​  

Improved Joomla Birthday Module

 We have also simplified and added a new pagination view for the birthday module when the user has an upcoming birthday list that is too huge.

Redesigned Videos Widget ?​  

Redesigned Videos Widget

We have also updated the videos widget on the sidebar of Users, Groups, Pages and Events. This update ensures that the design will be in line with the rest of the features in EasySocial. For those who still prefer to render the legacy layout, you may configure this in the videos app. ?

Sharer ? 

EasySocial Sharer

The share button also received an update this time around! It will now render the Sign In with Facebook button to allow users to quickly sign up on the site to share the page.

 Improved UI for Alerts ❗️

Improved Alerts

The alerts that appear when editing your profile has been enhanced for better user experience.

Updates to Polls ? 

Polls with Expiration Dates

The standard polls listing will now include the expiration date should there be an expiration date applied on the polls.

Pagination for Discussions ? 

Pagination on Discussions

We have also added pagination for replies in discussions for Groups, Pages and Events. It is also configurable for each of the respective discussions app.

Updates to About Menu Layout ?  

About Layout

The About menu layout is now updated to always render the current user's about layout.

Reordering of Apps ⬆️ ⬇️ 

Reordering Apps

You can now organize and manage the ordering of apps in Groups, Pages, Events and Users profile according to your preference.

Upgrading to EasySocial 3.2 

Since this is a major update, we strongly encourage you to perform a full backup of your live site before upgrading. Once the backup has been completed, proceed to download the package from your dashboard and install it via the installer in Joomla.

If you require any assistance regarding the upgrade, feel free to get in touch with our friendly support team ? 

 Thank you ??‍♂️

Finally, we would also like to take this opportunity to thank every single tester who has contributed in the beta phase.

We greatly appreciate your feedback and bug reports. They have definitely made this major update the best as it can be.

Happy Upgrading Folks! Cheers ?


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Please update your demo site.

Hi James,

Thank you for the reminder, our team will be working on it in soon

Comment was last edited about 1 year ago by Eddie Chow Eddie Chow

Another major milestone in the history of StackIdeas brilliance. Congrats, Well done and thank you!

Hi Andy,

Thank you for all the supports from you guys

I can only say one thing - Thank you.

You are most welcome Ivaylo

Comment was last edited about 1 year ago by Eddie Chow Eddie Chow

Amazing. Thanks

Hi Paul,

Thank you so much You are most welcome!

Great improvements! Thks Stackideas EasySocial team!

Thank you Ssnobben

The standard polls types could be improved with a few more "survey" features similar like SurveyMonkey

Hey ssnobben,

Thank you for your input :)

You can always submit feature requests on our forum section at

Amazing improvement. I hope sub-comment and sub-comment like (Reply) will be added in the upcoming release. Other than that, I am a happy customer!.

Hello Robert,

Thank you so much for the input :)

Feel free to submit your feature requests on our forum section at so that everyone on the site can vote for it as well.

Also, we might consider to implement these suggestions into EasySocial in the future

Great work.

Just wondering can more than one person manage a page or a group?

Would like a few different people to be able to post to the same page as the page. Same for groups

Also, I would love if you would do a package deal just for EasySocial, EasyBlog and komento.
That's all I use currently. Maybe a few different packages for other customers with different site setups would be great instead of your one package of everything.

Keep up the awesome products.

Cheers, Adam

Hey Adam,

It is possible for cluster owner to assign admin to manage page/groups.

About the package, I would strongly recommend you to have a look into our bundle here.

Thank you

Mobile Web Template is not compatible with Quick Postings. Why ?

Hi Phiilipe,

I noticed that you've created a ticket regarding this question at the forum. Our support team will respond you at there

Thank you.

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