UPDATES EasySocial Native App v2.2 Released! More goodies and refinements!

EasySocial 3.2 RC Released

EasySocial 3.2 RC Released

Today we would like to present you with the EasySocial 3.2 RC release. There are not many changes in this release, but some bug fixes and improvements from EasySocial 3.2 Beta 2.

​If you have not read our previous blog about the amazing features of EasySocial 3.2, please head over to here for a quick view. Below are some bug fixes and improvements in EasySocial 3.2 RC :

  • Fixed issue with multiple point assignments for polls 
  • Fixed issue with copy link button error on iOS 12 and below
  • Fixed issue with privacy in story form not respected to the setting
  • Fixed issue with empty bulk action option appears when banned users requested to join closed group 
  • Users can now attach images when editing comments
  • Prompt message will now be displayed when users are not allowed to vote the polls on certain conditions


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Thank you ssnobben

Thank you

You're most welcome Philippe

Giving it a spin on my testsite

Thank you Appie!

Hello. I know everyone is asking this. I just do not see a newer answer.

1. When do you think this will be launched like Apple does. Meaning launched with some bugs then updates are released to fix them?

2. Will the App be Android and iOS?

3. What is the price?

1. the app has no ETA, but i think about June 2020 would be realistic. Since the team will going on Joomla 4 i guess.

2. Its - as i've get - in Javascript and with https://facebook.github.io/react-native/. So the code remains for both platforms, but they're not fully native. But yes, it will work on both systems.

3. It was with 500.--$ for early users, but will think about 1000$ per 6months i guess. And after expiring, you still can use the apps, you just dont get support or new code updates.

We do not have an ETA on the release date yet but we are hoping to schedule another demo really soon :)

It will be on both iOS as well as Android. The pricing of the app would be $999 and it includes 6 months of update and support as well.

looks great, but how about infos about the app? Or please do at least share as example the login script, that some of us would code snippets. Those could be shared then in the Forum, where others can use them.

What script are you referring to joy?

As example you mentioned, you've build an API for that. The current code with github or at least the login script. I would then write with some friends Snippets for the app and share them for free in the forum.

Ah, I see. If you are referring to the REST API, we'll see if we can share this with you guys before hand. There are still some areas in the REST API which isn't properly secured yet as we are still running loads of testing right now.

yes would be great to play with that then.

Maybe something to have eyes on too https://issues.joomla.org/tracker/joomla-cms/27021

Hello. Do you plan to release EasySocial 3.2 in november 2019? Thanks.

Hi Dimitry,

We do not have any ETA for the EasySocial 3.2 release, but the release will be as soon as we can

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