Quix - The Most Advanced Page Builder for Joomla is Here

Quix - The Most Advanced Page Builder for Joomla is Here

Hey guys, 

Our friends at ThemeXpert has just released Quix 1.0 recently, it is an eye opener because it has the most advanced responsive page builder for Joomla

Here are some cool key features of Quix 1.0:

Drag & Drop layout builder

Quix has an advanced drag and drop layout building system, you can create a simple to an advanced layout within minutes. You can also decide on the size and add the number of the pre-defined column structure instantaneously.

Responsive Design

Everyone are practically on their handheld devices more than ever therefore everything has to be responsive. You can now create your site responsive within minutes and Quix can practically design your site for any screen size. 


Quix has a custom portability system in which you can add to any Joomla Module element and select any available module you have.

Works everywhere in Joomla

You can now access Quix through its component interface and at the same time from Joomla articles, module or any component. Quix will not take over you current editor window instead it loads and inject a shortcode inside your article. 

Features at a glance :

  • Unique Responsive controls
  • Drag & Drop layout builder
  • Add columns on the fly
  • Resize Columns grid size
  • Works with every framework and templates
  • Section based organizing system
  • 21 Elements
  • Intuitive Element settings
  • Extensive Customization
  • Load Joomla Module
  • Quix load inside any Joomla components
  • Undo/Redo
  • Instant Reload
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Built-in Animation
  • Parallax background
  • Export / Import
  • Pre-set layout
  • Collection
  • Google Fonts Support
  • Font Awesome Support
  • Plus many more…



You may use this coupon code above made exclusively for Stack Ideas users only to get 20% discount on Quix and all ThemeXpert products. Valids till May 3rd, 2016.

Quix 1.0 Features or Quix 1.0 Live Demo


Comments (6)

  1. Al

If you go for the free version, from what it sounds like it is more like a demo. Might as well use T3 Framework.

  Comment was last edited about 2 years ago by Al Al
  1. Parvez Akther    Al

Hello AI,

Free version is full functional and you just an't use few PRO features.

  1. Akashlal

Awesome share :D

  1. Sylvie    Akashlal

Thanks Akashlal, I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. :)

  1. Mebo

Looks ok.. Very limited additions/addons - No option for video backgrounds.

Every client I have want a video background so this is a deal breaker for me at least..

  1. Parvez Akther    Mebo

Hello Mebo,

Thank your for your comment.

Elements we have now has more functionality then any other page builder in market. However we are working on new elements too. On version 1.3 will see some ground breaking feature.

Video options is schedule for v1.4 :)

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