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EasyBlog Tablet App

EasyBlog Tablet App

EasyBlog 6 beta has been great and we are super stoked to share with you some progress on a brand new tablet app which we are working on right now for EasyBlog.

EasyBlog App

Under the hood, the tablet app is powered by React Native and this helps to speed up the development time and because of that, you get to publish posts from multiple platforms without having to develop separate apps.

The benefits of web-views allow us to render the built-in composer from EasyBlog without the need to redevelop these interfaces from scratch. The composer can also render the standard WYSIWYG editor should you choose to do so.

Category Management

With this app, you can easily manage your categories right from your own device.

Tags Management

The app also allows you to manage tags that are created on the site.

We are still preparing the web builder to assist you in building a private labelled tablet app.

If you are interested in the private labelled app, you can get updated by subscribing to our newsletter and we will notify you when it is ready.

Try It Today

The apps are already published on the respective app stores and you can download it and try it today!

To access the app, all you need to do is to download the app on your iPad or tablet and enter the login details as provided below:

Username: demo

Password: password

URL: eb6.stackideas.com

Alternatively, you can head over to http://eb6.stackideas.com and scan the QR Code generated on the toolbar to login with the app automatically.

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