EasyBlog 5.2 Progress Updates Part 2

Top 10 in JED: EasyBlog & Komento

Top 10 in JED: EasyBlog & Komento

This will be the biggest news for us after the announcement of EasyBlog 3.7 for Joomla 3.0! Our Joomla blog extensions EasyBlog and comment extension Komento made it to the Community Choice Extensions list, thanks to ALL of you, our beloved fans who have casted your votes.

See EasyBlog and Komento entries along with the other great Joomla extensions in the TOP 10 list

Because there are tons of Joomla extensions in the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED), the folks from the Joomla Community Magazine (JCM) thought that the best way to feature outstanding Joomla extensions is by a poll. Users and fans of a particular Joomla extension are invited to put down their votes in an online form and the extension with the most votes will be featured as the Top 10 in the JED.

The poll runs between the 1st and 20th of the month on a monthly basis to gather nominations and votes from the community. Since both our extensions are listed this month, they wont be featuring it again next month if they get the most votes. So, looks like we only have EasyDiscuss left to get your votes and hopefully to be featured in January 2013! (Psst, we will be releasing EasyDiscuss 3.0 with Joomla 3.0 compatibility) You can vote for EasyDiscuss here.

We are glad about this milestone. We wouldn't have made it without your love and trust in the work we do here at StackIdeas. I guess this will be the best Christmas present ever!


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  1. Vineyardseashell

Congratulations! With your hard work, dedication and superb customer service you guys have earned it and more. Let's see if we can make it 12 Top Tens in a row!

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  1. Andrew Rogers    Vineyardseashell

Thanks for the encouragement! Well, if we're featured already this month, the next month wont be featured again even if we may have more votes than the rest, according to their policy. But still, change is inevitable so just let it go with the flow and see ;)

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  1. Randall McCallum

With the new EZD 3 in testing, and the depth of benefits included in this version, I'm sure EasyDiscuss 3 will be in the Top 10 this coming year. Three is a Hat Trick - a term us old hockey players used. A hat-trick or hat trick in sport is the achievement of a positive feat three times or more. You'll achieve it because of your dedication and hard work.

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