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EasyBlog 5 Beta 1 Is Available For Your Joomla

EasyBlog 5 Beta 1 Is Available For Your Joomla

Finally, after we've fixed nearly all of the bug reports from all of the Alpha releases, EasyBlog 5 Beta 1 is finally available to our users. We were quite amazed at the results ourselves; not only did we add up some new features, we've also revamped the UI to look more 'professional' feel. Let me walk you through the updates.

Revamped Composer's User-Interface

We received some report stating that the new Composer is a little bit too 'clustered', having too many information to process in the same screen. Taking that into consideration, we've revamped the whole composer's screen to make it more user-friendly. Here's the new screen :

EasyBlog 5 Composer revamp

The composer is more clean now, all thanks the the new UI revamp. We have moved everything from the left-pane to the top of the composer's area, changing them into a 'toolbar'. The 'Post' and 'Blocks' tabs receives a subtle touch so that authors knows which tabs they are currently on. By doing this, the composer area is enlarged, giving authors more 'space' and 'freedom'.

We've also change the highlighted blocks to have a light-green glow instead of the plain grey (perhaps you can tell that the one responsible for the green shade is a Star Wars fans?)

In short, you will enjoy writing on this new Composer. :)

Enhanced Blocks With A New Workflow

As mentioned before, we have moved the blocks panel, from the left side, to the top of the composer. This new toolbar will play a big role in the composer; as all of the settings have been moved there. Clicking on the 'Blocks' menu will show you a list of blocks that are available; and you have two options on how to apply the blocks; you can either drag and drop it in the Composer's main menu, OR you can tap AND click on the Composer's menu.

This is how you drag-n-drop your blocks into the Composer :

... and this is how you tap and click :

In case you're wondering, the 'tap & click' workflow is more for our mobile users. Yup, EasyBlog 5's Composer will support mobile blogging. :)

Clear User/Admin Editor View

Another small, but clearly very helpful, feature that we've built for EasyBlog 5 Beta 1 is the option to view your current logged in user and the owner of the post. This feature is very, very helpful for team blogging, when the team leader is editing his team's blog post.



Managing team blogging is now way easier with EasyBlog 5. Seeing that EasyBlog 5 is still in Beta 1, we still have a lot of room for improvement so if you guys have any ideas on this, do not hesitate to share with us in our EasyBlog 5 Issue Tracker page.

Easy Navigation On Blocks With Blocks Tree Navigation

We've also added the block tree navigation. It's a small, but very useful, view, to view all of the used blocks on the composer. Look at it as a 'Quick View' or a 'Quick List' for the blocks.


This makes it easy for users to navigate through all the blocks used in the posting. All the more reason to 'abuse' the blocks and use 'em in your post! I did that one and it was superbly fun. :)

Magically Compatible With The Internet Explorer

It is a well-known fact that building sites that are compatible on all browsers are tricky. The most tricky part, as what I was told, is to build a site that is compatible with the Internet Explorer (no offense, Microsoft!). However, we've made it possible. EasyBlog 5 beta 1, amidst all of the blocks and magics, are actually IE compatible. Go ahead, try to fire it up on Internet Explorer and check it out.

Just a side-note, EasyBlog 5 supports IE9 and above. Sorry IE8 users, I guess it's time for you guys to upgrade. :(

More New Blocks

Apart from all of the blocks that we've included in EasyBlog 5 Alpha 3, we've added in these new blocks : 

  1. Yahoo Screen
  2. Blip
  3. Metacafe
  4. Liveleak
  5. Livestream

With these new blocks, we believe that users are able to create creative blog posts and share ideas with their readers. You can try out these new blocks by downloading EasyBlog 5 Beta 1 or directly try it out in our demo site here.

Downloading EasyBlog 5 Beta 1

You can immediately download it by navigating to it's download page here. Access to download is only open to active license holders so I strongly believe that this is the best time for you to renew. At first, we are only planning on releasing this without any promotion. However, Mark himself insisted on giving out promotions so that, and I quote :

"I am a user myself, and I know how excited they are. I want them to use, and enjoy, EasyBlog 5 Beta 1, without having to put a hole in their wallet." - Mark Lee, 2015

Well, following his idea, we are giving out a 30% coupon code on renewals. The coupon code is :


We certainly hope that this coupon code helps you all to renew your EasyBlog license. A word on the beta version; seeing that EasyBlog 5 Beta 1 is still under the beta phase, please refrain from installing this on your live site as the beta version might contain bugs which renders it not suitable to be run on a live site. We highly suggest for you to install this on your development/test site, and share with us any bugs that you might encounter so that we can fix 'em. :)

Do share any comments, suggestions, or ideas that you might have. Don't miss out on EasyBlog 5, the future Joomla Blogging.




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Hey there. I love the look of the new EasyBlog update, but I'm concerned about the current blogs that have existing. Even though my site is still in development, I would hate to lose my hard work of building up my blogs simply because I updated. Will my existing blogs remain intact? Thanks.

Hello Edmund,

Yep, your blog posts would remain intact for sure

I have exactly the same concern. It sure would be great if this update did not break 100s of previous posts

Cool! Livestream Premium ($399/mo?) offers a blogging platform (you know, to blog along with the event) and Live Chat (I guess posting to an stream or Group is similar). Guess we can all use the free YouTube Live video service (did I say, it's free) and embed that live stream in your site then use ES and EB5 to match LiveStream Premium?

I'm curious...one thing you could NOT do in the current version of Easyblog is to use it to create what amounts to 2 separate blogs. Can this be done in EB 5? What I mean is, if I want to have 2 different categories and link to them separately, so the user can't just click a "home" button on the blog and see a view that contains both categories, can this be done?

It's a very useful feature that I'd love to see EB support.


You can create different menu items linking to different categories or am i missing something?

You can actually already create menus which links to different authors too.

Looks good. Thought i'll test it out but don't have time to install in my local machine right now.

The online demo is not working. None of the static files are loading :/

The custom templating to create different theme files based on the category item is truly outstanding! Admin can help make it easier for authors, ensure consistency of content published on the site, make it attractive for readers, etc. Admittedly there's a bit of work for admin's to dig in and really understand what's possible and execute.

EasyBlog5 is simply amazing! In fact, with all of the new features in the composer, I'm going to use this for content that is beyond just the blog portion of my site. I'll be up all night running with this.

Absolutely awesome job guys and gals!! I can't say enough!

Thank you for the kind compliments Marni

It is necessary to make so that the text of a template vanished when I press the block with the text or heading

Hi Mike,

Got it! I apologize for the issue and have addressed this to the team.

I value and appreciate the efforts of the development team, but I think most urgent and useful things are needed, for example: A tool to back up only the blog and can be restored in a clean way to a new template.

Hi Wilson,

Thank you for the idea. Will forward it to the developers.

Hi Ahmad,

Thank you for reply, the idea is backup and restore only the blog in a clean installation of joomla.
Sorry for my bad English.

Hi Wilson,

Thank you for your elaboration, Ah, I get it. Sounds pretty important to me, too. Will inform our dev on this one.

Looks great,

Two questions:


I got partial answer, the coupon works if & only if I renew through the actual blog post renew button.

My actual question is:
How can I upgrade my pro bundle licence to a Unlimited licence ans still got some promotion ?
I know, I want it all !

Comment was last edited about 4 years ago by Jean-Pierre d'Argent Jean-Pierre d'Argent

Hi Jean,

Thank you for your inquiry. Well, for your support period, the renewal will extend your license from 12th June 2015, which means that the renewal starts from June 13th.

As for your upgrading inquiry, I'm afraid currently we don't have any coupon code for upgrades.

Should you have any other inquiries, you can proceed to directly contact our marketing team via our CRM.

thanks for revamp the UI of Composer..next step is rewamping the UX of Composer to get not only a 'professional' feel but also a 'professional' UX ;)

b.t.w Did the Composer work for you on iPhone or ipad? looks not realy responsive

Hi Rene,

Will forward to the dev regarding the UX idea. ;)

Currently EB5 Alpha 1 doesn't fully support the mobile platform. However, the tap-n-drop blocks are there and we are building EasyBlog 5 so that it's mobile-friendly. Check out our timeline table here.

On the page of article in recent posts it is also possible to output also the image as it will be made an example in wordpres so much better.
Also forgive for my English

Hi Mike,

Thank you for sharing. Would you be kind enough to start a thread in our EasyBlog's issue tracker page here? Our team will check on it and reply to you soon.


My installer is getting stuck at Step 3... Post Installation Cleanup Initializing at 45% ... it hangs there...

Hi Arshad,

Thank you for sharing. Please post your issue in EasyBlog 5's Issue Tracker page so that the dev can have a look at it.

I just tried to install version 5.0.1 Beta on our development page with existing version 3.9 but nothing happened when I selected the zip file package. I have then installed latest Version 3.9.24862 and it worked fine.
I tried again 5.0.1 but falls back after some time to default page Joomla extensions upload & installation.
Is the installation routine not working or does it require some manual steps ?

Hi Markus,

Sounds like you're doing everything right. Can you post this in EasyBlog 5's Issue Tracker page? Our dev will check on this issue. Thank you!

RocketTheme has now launched their first template based op de completely new Gantry5.
Do you have already any expierence with EB5 on it!?
Kind regards, T.W. van Urk

I have the new Gantry 5 framework installed, and other than a few menu errors from Beta4, I have had no issues with EasyBlog, EasySocial, or EasyDiscuss on the RC release. They work very well together, including the modules and composer.

Nice to hear Marni. Thx for your attention!

Marni Have you tried the Easy Blog 5 beta with Rok Sprocket? I have had issues wondering if others had as well.

Ryan, I've actually not used Roksprocket with EasyBlog.

How many beta are you going to release?

I have a project on-hold and would like to know the roadmap with the expected date of release. by the end of this month?

Hi Ningning,

According to our plan, we will have 3 betas before the release. You can check on the timeline here. As for the dates, I apologize as we don't have a specific date for release yet. Once we've squashed the bugs reported to us, we will release beta 2, and the same goes for beta 3.

Comment was last edited about 4 years ago by Ahmad Justin Ahmad Justin

Can i get the beta2 launch date?

Sorry but we can't provide the dates yet at this point of time but we're seeing a huge amount of new installation of beta 1 and we need to have these bug reports logged

Hi Folks,

Quick question. I am currently developing a site and would like to include the EasyBlog 5 beta vs. I currently have the EasyBlog Unlimited through Dec 2016. Can I download the beta vs with my current plan? If so can you send me the link please?

Thanks for your time.


Please disregard the previous post. Found the download link.

Hi David,

Hey no problem. Glad that you're able to find the link. Let us know if you need any further assistance. Enjoy your ride on EasyBlog 5 Beta 1!

Any news about next release ?

There are no comments posted here yet