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EasyBlog 3.6.13043 Released!

EasyBlog 3.6.13043 Released!

We've been quietly improving the workflow of a major feature in EasyBlog. If you've read our blog last week, the major improvement was done on the Media Manager. Today, we are happy to announce the release of EasyBlog 3.6 and proud to show you the latest and FASTEST Media Manager ever for a Joomla blog extension.

We've added more stuff besides the ones mentioned in the previous blog post. Here are some of them worth highlighting:

  • Revamped Media Manager
  • Pagination settings for archived view
  • Ability to filter by by category for single latest entry
  • New Related Post module
  • Sorting option 'by item ordering' in categories module
  • and lots more... view the changelog


If you are using EasyBlog version 3.0.x and below, you are advised to uninstall your EasyBlog first and re-install EasyBlog 3.6 into your Joomla. You are not to upgrade your EasyBlog by installing on top (overwriting) of it.

Upgrading from EasyBlog 3.5 to 3.6 is as simple as installing it without uninstalling.

If you've been waiting to start a blog in Joomla, or thinking of moving over from older blog extensions, this is the right time for you to get a copy of the latest EasyBlog.

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Nice. Are there going to be new easy blog modules, or will the 3.5 versions work with 3.6?

Yep, existing modules would work with 3.6


Thank you Derek

Awesome. Time to renew the subscription.

- Not sure yet if the bugs I reported last night are fixed with the Joomlashine JSN Pixel template and EasyBlog 3.6.1304. The previous version had some issues making the combination not usable. See the beta discussion for my posts and reports.

I will test today after renewing my subscription.

Randall, I am suspecting that this is probably some "caching" issues. Could you try clearing the browser's cache and see if that helps? If the problem still exists, do post in the forums

The best!!! Thank you.

A small but great update, thanks :)

Could we get a list of file/css changes as i have a heavy customized theme using overrides.

Aelx, most of the modified files are actually script / javascript files There's actually not much changes on the theme css files.

Mark did you fixed the issues with the tags in this version?

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