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EasyArticles 1.1 Released

EasyArticles 1.1 Released

​It has been a while since we last release a maintenance update for EasyArticles. And today, we would like to present you with EasyArticles 1.1, which not only be about bug fixes, but it also major improvements and refinements which are highlighted below.

Single Click Updater

Moving forward, Joomla 4 makes upgrading process so much simpler with its 1-click process, it helps keeping your site up-to-date with the latest Joomla. With that in mind, we will also kick start EasyArticles 1.1.1 onwards with the one-click updater thus making the entire upgrading in between minor releases effortless and least time consuming.

Unified Back-end

The administrator areas for EasyArticles 1.1 will have a similar back-end UI as EasyBlog 5.2. Not only it unifies the entire administrator area but it also streamlines the workflow altogether.

JCE Editor Support

We find it rather surprising the fact that we had overlooked JCE editors support prior to EasyArticles initial release. Now with EasyArticles 1.1, we can ensure that JCE editor works out of the box with EasyArticles 1.1 and it is also selectable from editor type at the administrator area too. 

Media Manager Improvements

​This interesting idea was presented to us when a user was looking for a way to manage their media files without the need to access the composer. We were really intrigued by the idea and thought that this feature will be appreciated by your authors. 

Category Moderation Permissions

Managing multiple authors and articles could be exhausting at times. Now with EasyArticles 1.1, site admin could manage and grant any user group to moderate articles based on specific categories. This will definitely give site admin more control and order over all articles being published on the site. 

Category Submission Permissions

​Now considering the fact that the same principle applies to category submission as well, allowing only specific user groups to create new categories in EasyArticles 1.1. Let's give some credit to the people who manages their sites. :) 

Author Subscriptions

Along the side of subscribing to categories, articles and whole site feature already in placed. We added subscribing to author possible with EasyArticles 1.1. Be notified via email whenever your favorite author publishes a new article on the site. 

Language Downloader

​Now that Transifex is finally back on track, you can download the different language translations available on hand, especially if you are running a multilingual site. 

New Translators

Now with the availability of language downloader in EasyArticles 1.1, we would love to invite new translators to hop on board with us. All of our translations were actually empowered by an amazing community who volunteered themselves for the wellbeing of others.

If you are interested in lending a helping hand for this noble cause, do let us know and we will arrange a spot just for you. You could quickly register yourself here, if you have not already done so. In case you were wondering, yes, a complete translation will be honored a FREE translator license 

Upgrade From EasyArticles 1.0

You will need to download the launcher or full installer directly from your dashboard, then upload it through your Joomla backend installer page and you are good to go.

Whopping Discounts

​To celebrate the release of EasyArticles 1.1, we would like to offer 20% off on new EasyArticles purchases with EA20CUT coupon code and a 35% off on EasyArticles renewals with the coupon code EA35CUT.

Be quick, these coupon codes are only valid till January 24, 2018. As for PayPal purchases, the prices are already discounted so no coupon code is required.

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