CookingSurfing Share Recipes With EasyBlog

CookingSurfing Share Recipes With EasyBlog

  CookingSurfing recipes shared in EasyBlog for Joomla sites!

Starting a food blog has always been my dream but having an around the world recipe blog? That is really something interesting!

This week, we are featuring CookingSurfing. They are a team of professional and dedicated programmers who started this site to spread their love for cooking with food lovers around the world.

CookSurfing Blog page


I received an email from Marco Ferruggia, developer and co-founder of CookingSurfing. He is one of our satisfied users who would love to tell others how EasyBlog helped him and his site.

This is what he’s got to say:

1. Why did you choose our Joomla extensions?

We are professional developers and we have known Joomla since its first version. It was because our experience that we know how to evaluate a good product like EasyBlog for our customers. There were many features and options that allowed our customers to customize their blogs according to their needs hence the decision we made for EasyBlog. 


2. What were the changes that you experienced after using our products?

My users are very satisfied with the autoposting feature on their social network. As a result, they got returning visitors to their site! The SEF in the URL is nicely done and with a few tweaks you can easily adapt to it.


3. What are the key advantages of using our products?

Many features for admin are easy to use at the frontend for blog authors. EasyBlog is well integrated with comments system. A good media gallery integrated with the community, and much more other features were just great.

The only disadvantage is that there is not a search module so we had to create and adapt to the site.


4. What makes this product unique, compared to other extensions?

In choosing a good product for my clients, I always offer the maximum value available. I'd rather spend money and be sure to get what I want. Free does not always guarantee the best solution. I have also experienced that the support offered by Stackideas is excellent and timely.


What do you think about this week’s site? Go to our Demo Page and check out EasyBlog. We would like to thank Marco for this week’s site, and all who took their time to read this blog.

Stay with us for more Case Studies!


Comments (4)

  1. Jannik L.

It would be nice if EasyBlog grew into a full CCK like Zoo, where there actually is a section for recipes built in.

  1. Apson

Hey Jannik

Thank you for the idea. EasyBlog is specifically built for blogging only. Because many of our users wanted it for CCK we leave it to the other developers to provide that solution :)

Thank you

  1. Monthon Kooyathbenjarong

I'm agree with APSON,
Bloging system should be simplicity. ;)

  1. Sarah Oaks

Joomla extensions is very easy and simple to work with and this makes EasyBlog very user-friendly.

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