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ConverseKit 1.1 Progress

ConverseKit 1.1 Progress

A couple of days ago, we shared a progress update for EasyBlog 5.2 and this time around, we would like to share with you a progress update for ConverseKit 1.1 before we end this awesome year! In this release, ConverseKit is rewritten from scratch making the code much more maintainable and user interfaces are more consistent.

Brand New Interface

At the very core of StackIdeas, we always emphasize on usability as well as user interfaces across all our extensions. This is no exception to the all new ConverseKit 1.1 which has a completely redesigned conversation screen that will harness more interaction from users on the site

Core Refactoring

It has taken us a little longer to push out a major release because of Conversekit's existing code structure which did not follow the coding conventions of our extensions. It was originally written in a different way as the team was experimenting with a new workflow. By rewriting the extension from scratch, it is much easier for our developers to maintain in the future.

Performance Improvements

Performance Improvements
As always, the performance of our extensions are our priority. The all new ConverseKit 1.1 has major improvements on overall performance. The size of the javascript file included in ConverseKit has been massively reduced by a whopping 380kb which is almost 12 times smaller! The compressed version is now only 34kb in size.

More Administration Goodies

With the all new ConverseKit, you will be able to have more controls over the behavior of ConverseKit. This includes a new setting that allows you to set a logo on the conversation window.

New Login Screen

The idea is borrowed from our docker plugin which allow guests to login from anywhere on the site. We thought it would be an awesome idea for the chat button to have dual functionality. What do you think?

Standard Login Screen
Login Screen With Social Buttons

Last but not least ...

We are in the final stages of testing and we are expecting a stable release of ConverseKit early January 2018. The team and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are extremely excited about what is coming up for an awesome 2018!


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wow amazing :D sounds realy amazing! As you wrote earlier in the EasyBlog Post, will there be a second Post about new features? You do amazing X-Mas presents for us!

Thank you :) We'll provide more details on the blog soon but we don't have an exact date :p

Excellent :)
Merry Christmas to all Stackideas Team !
Thank you for your great work in 2017.


Thank you Philippe :) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Comment was last edited about 4 years ago by Mark Mark

One more time... Great Job !
Congrats for this crazy year, for your job, for your patience and your disponibilties.
Merry Christmas StackIdeas and Happy New Year !

Thank you Christophe!

Can't wait to install new ConverseKit 1.1. Keep up great work. Merry christmas and Happy New Year to whole Stackideas team :)

Thank you Pavol!

Wishing all the Stackideas Team and Clients a great Xmas and prosperous New Year. all the best Paul.

Thanks Paul :)

Nice Job Mark and to your team!

Have not seen an Emoji on the new UI screenshots, any chance of adding emoji instead of location?

Thanks! Yeah, we plan to add this in the upcoming versions. The focus of this release was mainly on usability concerns.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Great job!

Thanks Cristian!

Yeah, wann kann man das Installieren ✌ Frohe Weihnachten aus Ostfriesland an der Nordseeküste. :)

Comment was last edited about 4 years ago by Erich Brunken Erich Brunken

Haha, Soon Erich :)

Du weisst schon, dass es nicht deutschsprechende Leute sind :P? Dir auch frohe Festtage mein Lieber. Grüsse aus der Schweiz.

Das ist mir bewusst :) great team Mark, thank you for all your help, i wish you all the best and your team!

Comment was last edited about 4 years ago by Erich Brunken Erich Brunken

Haha Fröhliche Weihnachten guys!

Wenn Du mal in Hamburg, bist Du Herzlich eingeladen ???

Iam excited to see that you pay attention to optimizing your code base. Squeeze this into 34kb that is massive achievement! Congratulations !

Thanks David! Yep, it wasn't easy because we had to start everything ground up all over again but it's definitely worth it!

It will be interesting to follow this dev and I will go for it too. How about a feature like "sharing screen" where logged in user can share screen with other users? would be powerful feature for sharing info/support etc instantly

Hm, not sure if this would make sense for a community-ish site. Sharing screen would probably be ideal for support / technical related chats but if you are running a dating site, sharing screens would be really awkward eh?

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