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Conversations App v2.1

Conversations App v2.1

Our team has just reached another milestone with the all-new release of the Conversation App v2.1. In this release, we have added a couple of new functionality and bug fixes from previous releases.

Social Sign-On

Social Sign On

Just like the recent release of the EasySocial Native App v3.0, you will be able to sign on with your single sign on accounts with the app.

Audio Recording & Inline Audio Playback

Audio Recording

We have also added inline audio playback as well as audio recordings on the form. Your users can now quickly record audio right from the chat screen.

Online users

Online Users

Previously it was a little tedious to find users when users are trying to compose messages for their online friends. In this release, we added a new tab to allow the filtering of online users.

Change Font Colors

Heading Font Color

The font heading color in the app can now be configured in Saturn.


Apart from these added functionalities, we have squashed a couple of bugs as well:

  • ? New settings in Saturn to disable last online timestamp
  • Dates are now rendered in the messages list
  • Addressed issues with Server-Sent Events for web hosters that does not support Server Sent Events
  • Updated Expo SDK to version 39

Updating to 2.1

For those of you with a valid license and have access to Saturn, you may head over to Saturn and build the new release as usual.

P/S: We have some really exciting news lined up for you for EasySocial 4. Stay tuned!

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