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Voices for EasySocial, the Joomla Social Network Extension

Voices for EasySocial, the Joomla Social Network Extension

It's been an exhaustive week after the initial release of EasySocial and we are not stopping there! We've been getting tons and tons of great feedback from our customers and we needed a place where we can house all of these requests. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you our new Voices system.


Stack Ideas Voices System

What does it do?

It's basically a feature request system that includes votes. If you find that a feature request is worth getting your votes, you can vote for it. The team would then pick a list of feature request that are submitted here to work on. Voices is tightly integrated with our bug tracker and our release system.


Why can't I access Voices?

This area is only accessible to users with a valid subscription for EasySocial. If you are a valid subscriber and have troubles accessing voices, do get in touch with our sales team.


Can I access Voices if I am not a customer?

Sorry, but we are currently only accepting feature requests from our valuable customers as they have the rights to actually voice out their opinion on the future of the extension.


That's about it folks! We hope to receive as much feature requests possible in the coming weeks so that we'll build an awesome Joomla! social network extension together!

Thank you!


Comments (17)

o0 your going to be busy!

Haha yeap, but it's good

Just a thought - why dont you make this Voices as a product extension
It could be an excellent easy_request or say easy_voice component - may be non-commercial or commercial with support !! May be a Modal window will work with it with option for both member & non-member

I actually seek one of this nature !!

Good idea But our hands are so tied up working on the next version of EasySocial currently

Its always worth to wait. However, will be glad - if you may consider one such product as in for near future development
Been you have already developed a system for your own site - presume it wont take much time to launch it for users too !!

Good ideas, Mark.

Keep (hard) working.

Thank you

I also think you could sell it鈥 but you should probably enhance it a little since I think there are already a couple of components like this one鈥β爏o please wait until EasySocial has all the major features it needs (i.e. videos and events) !

Yep, don't worry we don't plan to sell it for now Our main priorities currently is to keep enhancing EasySocial until it reaches a kick ass state

Comment was last edited about 8 years ago by Mark Mark

Re: Our main priorities currently is to keep enhancing EasySocial until it reaches a kick ass state :)

EasySocial is already KICK ASS COOL, - but I am all for digging in more to participate with the dedicated loyal customers, to work with you and your team to help make EasySocial even MORE KICK ASS. :D

The Voices feature request area is a solid step to making sure the features most requested get the focus to benefit the most users.

Comment was last edited about 8 years ago by Randall McCallum Randall McCallum

Mark, what are you using for Voices? I'd like it for a project ...

It's actually a custom extension written on Joomla and it's uber fast!

Mark, how much and I'll need some custom work done .. but I've got budget for it for a project I'm working on right now.

Sorry, but it's not for sale currently

That is very good comment you shared.Thank you so much that for you shared those things with us.I am wishing you to carry on with ur achievements.All the best

Hi Mark,
I see these comments about getting Voices as an extension were from 2 years ago. I am checking to see if there has been any consideration to make it available since then?

Hey Sarah,

We didn't actually release this publicly yet.

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