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Better blogging with Joomla CKEditor

Better blogging with Joomla CKEditor

We love to work with other aspiring Joomla components developers because we believe initiatives like this symbolizes the open source spirit. This time, we've worked with JoomlaCK Editor to announce the smooth integration of this useful text editor for our Joomla blog component, EasyBlog.

JoomlaCK Editor is a lightweight, powerful WYSIWYG content editor for Joomla.  If you are familiar with the available content editors in the market, JoomlaCK Editor will not be foreign to you but instead with it, you can do MORE than just producing formatted text. Check out their latest version at their website.

We managed to get it installed in our Joomla and enabled it in the backend of EasyBlog as the default content editor. Look at what we got after the successful integration, in the screenshots below...

The frontend look of JoomlaCK Editor within EasyBlog:


This is how your Joomla backend looks when using JoomlaCK Editor within EasyBlog:


Notice the little icons in the content area? It was made possible with JoomlaCK Editor! In other words, you can produce beautiful blogs in EasyBlog with this wonderful content editor that you can download for free. There are other cool Joomla components to check out in JoomlaCK Editor and you need to be a member to download and use them.


The JoomlaCK Editor Team is happy to offer you a 15% discount on their membership from today till September 15th, 2012. If you are already using EasyBlog, make sure to try out JoomlaCK Editor to spice up your blogs.


Use coupon code: JCKBLOG16


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