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Affiliates Programme

Affiliates Programme

Our friends at Zootemplate have informed us that they have setup their affiliates programme and it's good to go. With their affiliate's programme, we can get up to 50% commission. That's one huge amount if you ask me. 

Zootemplate is one of template club that are specialized in Joomla's template. They are known to have been providing awesome templates such as ZT Smilax and ZT Leo. Looking at their templates, I'm very sure that most of our friends would want to get their hands on them. If I were allowed, I would personally sign up for their affiliates programme myself! You can get more info on Zootemplate's affiliates programme here

Now that we're talking about affiliates programme, I would also like to chip in our own affiliates programme. With our affiliates programme, you will be given a 30% discount with each sales that you've made. You can get more info on Stack Ideas's affiliate programme here

It's a win-win situation for both our users and us. Come on, let us all help each other out and show to the world that the Joomla Community stand united. :) 



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