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ZT Smilax and ZT Leo

ZT Smilax and ZT Leo

It's been a while since I've last blog about templates from our friends. Stack Ideas are seeing some hectic environments everyday, from Wanderers to EasySocial 1.3 to EasyBlog 5.

Well, that's not exactly an excuse now, is it? I've finally able to check out two of these new awesome templates from our friend in ZooTemplate. Let's check it out! 

ZT Smilax

ZT Smilax is one of those templates that gives you a modern feel to your site. The template supports Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.3. Not only that, the template is also fully responsive, making it suitable to those who wanted their site to look superbly amazing on both mobile and desktop.

Apart from that, Smilax provides you with the professional feel that suits any offices and/or businesses sites. 


 ZT Smilax also comes with a drag-n-drop layout builder. It allows you to create layouts for your site faster than any other traditional ways. Doesn't drag-n-drop actually reminds you of some video? :)

As for the layout, you can actually determine whether you want to have a three-column, two-column or a single column for your site. Not only that, you can actually set up where does the main content is viewed, either on the right, centre or left. This can be done without even touching the code, something which a noob like me truly cherishes. 


The template also comes with approximately 600 fonts and have nearly an unlimited amount of combinations for colours and font. Nothing can stop you from building that colourful-yet-professional-site that you've always dreamed of!

For the geeks, ZT Smilax integrates with FontAwesome, supports HTML5 & CSS3 animations and have tonnes of short codes. 

ZT Smilax supports EasyBlog. Yay! You can build an awesome, professional site using EasyBlog and ZT Smilax. Yes, no more excuses! Here's how ZT Smilax looked like with EasyBlog : 



Stunning, isn't it? 

You can get more info about ZT Smilax here OR if you want to get it now, click here

ZT Leo

As if ZT Smilax is not enough to blow our mind, ZT Leo is a multi-purpose Joomla template that can be used on any site that you want. Unlike it's sister ZT Smilax, ZT Leo actually gives you the more freedom of feel for you and your users. Built on Zo2 Framework, the template aimed to help on building beautiful site with ease even if you do not have any knowledge on HTML5 and/or CSS3.


Just like any other ZooTemplate's Joomla template, ZT Leo is fully responsive. You can build awesome mobile site without having to go through the hassle of navigating through the codes. ZT Leo is also SEO-ready and you can choose whether you want to use the boxed or the wide Layouts. 

We know how sometimes the headache of choosing/developing template is that we need to ensure that the template is working on all of the other browsers. Cross-browser is actually supported in ZT Leo. This means that whatever looks good on your Chrome, will look good on your Firefox and/or your Internet Explorer. 

ZT Leo, just like ZT Smilax, supports and works very, very well with EasyBlog.



Breath-taking, aye? You can get more info on ZT Leo by visiting it's page or you can check out their demo page here

Well, I believe that wraps up my view on ZT Smilax and ZT Leo. Both are awesome templates even though they gave out different feel to it. If I were to choose I'll get both! 

Grab 'em while it's still hot!



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Nice smilax has some refreshing concepts. Currently on a phone but look forward to testing it on a computer.


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