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✔ Joomla 5, Joomla 4.4 and Joomla 4 compatible

✔ Powerful Targeting
★ Multiple Targeting Options and Untargeted Ads
★ Contextual Or Keyword Targeting
★ Geo Targeting
★ Social Targeting
★ Targeting Plugins

✔ Ad Creation, Management and Delivery
★ Maximized Advertising Real Estate
★ Ads In Email
★ Our Super Sexy and intuitive Ad Designer with self service advertising
★ Ad Manager
★ Zones give you full flexibility to create different Ad units in varying sizes
★ Multilingual customized email and SMS notifications
★ Frontend Dashboard
★ Option to select the device on which Ad will be displayed

✔ Flexible Ad Formats and Types
★ Responsive Ads
★ Text Ads
★ Floater Ads
★ Pop-up Ads
★ Image/Banner Ads
★ Video/Flash Ads
★ Combination Ads
★ Affiliate Ads
★ HTML5 ads
★ Different ad layouts for any website
★ Create a copy of existing Ad from frontend and backend

✔ Backend and Front end ACL Support

✔ Pricing Models and Ecommerce
★ Basic Tax Handling
★ Invoicing
★ SocialAds supports 2 awesome Revenue models
★ Ad Wallet Mode with Campaigns and Budgets
★ Support for Multiple Payment Gateways:
-Alpha User Points
-JomSocial Points
-Pay By Check
-Pay By Purchase Order

✔ Plugins for SocialAds
★ Joomla 3.9.x privacy tools support - Actionlog plugin for SocialAds
★ Joomla 3.9.x privacy tools support - Privacy plugin for SocialAds

To view all the features in detail and see more awesome extensions visit techjoomla.com

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Reviews (2)

Amazing !
Joe Scaramucci, on 1st Dec, 2016
Fantastic integration with EasySocial 2 and amazing support!...

Thanks for your feedback, Joe Scaramucci.

— Reply from owner on Saturday, 30 December 2017
Not Quite There Yet
Captain Tango, on 24th Jul, 2014
As a stand alone ad system SocialAds is ok. It needs some CSS and Design work, but it functions more or less how you would expect it to. As an EasySocial extension it is just not quite there yet. ...

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Version 5.0.0
Compatibility Joomla! 3.x Joomla! 4.x
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Support http://techjoomla.com/support-tickets/
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