The Social Network Extension For Joomla

EasySocial has an infinite and extensible features that fulfills any growing community needs and wants.
EasySocial - Stream Expand

Activity Stream

Highlights every status updates, profile picture updates, upcoming events, photo, video or audio uploads, interactive polls, badges, achievements and many more.
EasySocial - Polls

Interactive Polls

Opinions are subjective yet equally important. Allow your friends and families to have a say and cast their votes.
EasySocial - Hashtags Mentions

#Hashtags & @Mentions

Helps user to search for similar topics being actively discussed or currently trending on social media. Get your friends involved by mentioning their @names.
EasySocial - Reactions


Similar to Likes, EasySocial reactions allow users to chooce from 5 pre-defined emotions which includes Happy, Love, Angry, Wow, and Sad on every post, poll, comment, photo, video or audio upload on the activity stream.
EasySocial - Moods


Share your current mood or feelings from the story form with our built-in and pre-selected mood emoji.
EasySocial - Repost


Repost helps user to quickly share any story updates with all of their friends or followers. It will also reference the story that you shared to other users.
EasySocial - Pinned post

Pinned Post

Pin the most meaningful or important post to the top, gain more awareness and exposure while being flooded with multiple posts in the activity stream.
EasySocial - Rich media

Rich Media Posts

Every post in EasySocial will generate rich media thumbnail, especially for vidoes. It allows user to engage with the posted content, it is also possible to edit the rich media items.
EasySocial - Pinned post

Tag Friends

Embed clickable link or also known as "tag" a person whose post might be of interest to either your friends, families or colleagues to alert them to information that might be useful.

EasySocial - Profile Intro


A quick overview of yourself, a potential new friend or anyone else that you might be interested in. Featuring Horizon theme as the new profile cover.
EasySocial - Name Based Avatar

Name Based Avatars

Goodbye to plain and dull looking avatars. You can now have beautifully designed initials used as profile pictures on the site.
EasySocial - Verified Badges

Verified Badges

Verified users will have the verified badges with their names, which make it easier for other users to identify them throughout the site.

EasySocial - Pages Intro


A place for people to meet your business. Suitable for any startups and businesses to interact with their customers or potential leads.
EasySocial - Operation Hours

Operation Hours

Display your availability by showing the operating hours of your business hence users are able to get in touch with you at the right time.
EasySocial - Discussions


Build your audience with discusssion tools, sharing files as an aided opportunity to further nurture your business.
EasySocial - Pages Review

Reviews and Ratings

Receive star ratings and reviews from all page users. On top of that, page admins could also moderate all reviews before publishing it on the page.

EasySocial - Groups Intro


Groups are meant for people or close friends with common interest, to shares, interact and keeping in touch with one another.
EasySocial - Discussions


Build your audience with discusssion tools, sharing files as an aided opportunities to further enhance your group activities.
EasySocial - Memberships


Group admins can now filter, approve or disapprove any pending members for the group.
EasySocial - Group Reviews

Reviews and Ratings

Receive star ratings and reviews from all group users. On top of that, group admins could also moderate all reviews before publishing it on the group.

EasySocial - Events Intro


Get to know the latest happenings and upcoming events in the community. Organize social gatherings whether Open, Private or Invite Only for any occasions.
EasySocial - RSVP


Know your guests - keeping track the number of possible attendees of the event.
EasySocial - Announcements


Get everyone on the same page. Disseminate important information of the event and minimize avoidable outcomes.
EasySocial - Share Files

Share Files

Interact with one another, share documents, PDF files, image files, audio or video files, zip files and so on for any occasion.

EasySocial - Conversations Intro


Engage in conversations privately, touch base with a newly acquainted friend or get involved in a group discussion. Get notified immediately when new messages arrives in your inbox.
EasySocial - Share Files

Share Files

Share documents, PDF files, image files, video or audio files and zip files effortlessly.
EasySocial - Emoji support

Emoji Support

Emoji have become increasingly popular worldwide thus with added emoji support make conversations more interactive and creatively fun.
EasySocial - ConverseKit

Real Time Messaging

Get message updates from your peers or groups almost instantly with ConverseKit integration.

EasySocial - Photo Intro


A picture is worth a thousand words - share every picturesque moments or get creative with irresistibles GIF memes. Celebrating special moments to its finest.

*GIF images require external services.
EasySocial - EXIF Data


Share some insights on the right composition in order to capture the perfect shot.
EasySocial - Location


Add location to your beautiful photo collections. Pinpoint the exact location when those photos were captured.
EasySocial - Tagging


Tag someone on any photo and it will be linked to their profiles as well as their activity streams.
EasySocial - Grid Layout

Grid Layout

Easy on the eyes, beautiful grids arrangement on all uploaded photos in EasySocial.

EasySocial - Video Intro


Videos are one of the most immersive ways to share and discover new source of entertainment in EasySocial. Share trending, personal favorites or even homemade videos with your community.
EasySocial - Video uploads

Upload or Embed Away

From uploading mp4 files to embedding links on user profile pages, groups, events or even pages. It also has the ability to embed videos on any other websites too.
EasySocial - Video Providers

Video Providers

Embed videos from Youtube, Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MTV, Smule, Metacafe and many more!
EasySocial - Video Categories

Video Categories

Users can now categorize all video uploads or embedded videos so it can be searched easily in EasySocial.

EasySocial - Audio Intro


Share your favorite tracks or remixes. Play your favorites, discover new tracks, and build the perfect playlist within your community!
EasySocial - Audio Upload

Upload or Embed Away

From uploading mp3 files to embedding links on user profile pages, groups, events or even pages.
EasySocial - Album Art Upload

Album Art Upload

Render orignial album covers of the audio files or you could even personalize it on your own!
EasySocial - Audio Providers

Audio Providers

Embed audio from Spotify and SoundCloud - limitless choices and endless music!
EasySocial - Audio Playlist

Create Audio Playlist

Create multiple playlists and share it within your community for all occasions.

EasySocial - User Points Intro

User Points

Keep track of points and discover how certain actions influence point gains or losses.
EasySocial - Points system

Points System

Users are able to obtain and lose points whenever specific actions are performed on the site.

EasySocial - Achievements Intro

Badges & Achievements

Users can achieve reward badges and showcase their achievements right from their profile page, and earn even more badges when they fulfill the set requirements.
EasySocial - Badges Assignments

Badges Assignments

Site moderators are able to award users with badges, these badges could also be achieved though certain threshold.

EasySocial - Administrator Intro

Administrator Perks

Powerful back-end interface and user friendly settings. All you ever need settings to take better control and easily manage your social site. View through a bird's-eye view on the vitals of your social site and get notified along with other core extensions in Joomla of extension updates.
EasySocial - Remote Storage

Remote Storage - Amazon S3

Robust and reliable remote storage for EasySocial. It allows you to store media files remotely, thus lighten the load of your webserver drastically.
EasySocial - Modules

Extensive Modules

Boosting your social site usability with over 40 redesigned and refactored modules to ensure your site remain engaging and relevant.
EasySocial - Spam Control

Spam Off Limits - CleanTalk Integration

Allow you to filter and reject spammers automatically. CleanTalk has a huge list of known IP addresses that are blacklisted in their database. Configurable post frequency to detect spammers in comments and activity streams.
EasySocial - Notifications

E-mail Notifications

Users will receive instant E-mail notifications whenever there are any friend requests, events, comments, updates and so on.
EasySocial - Privacy


Users have privacy control over their own items in EasySocial. Easily configurable with only one page to manage them all. On the other hand, admins can control the default privacy values for all users in each profile types.
EasySocial - Reporting


Crowdsouring users to report any unethical, inappropriate or suspicious behaviour on the site for site moderators to take immediate action.

EasySocial - Apps Store

Application Store

Empowering your social site with over 100 addon apps that works seamlessly with EasySocial - 3rd party plugins, custom fields, templates and homegrown apps as well. Hassle free access to EasySocial apps directory from the administration area, from the point of purchasing to downloading apps.

EasySocial - Mobile

Mobile Ready

Fully responsive, toolbar and navigation that were revamped and redesigned to allow less obstructive view of the site for users who are constantly on-the-go.
EasySocial - Mobile web app

Mobile Web Template 2.x

Beautifully displayed EasySocial on any mobile web browsers, behaves almost like a native app!

EasySocial - 3rd party integration

3rd Party Integrations

Enhance your social sites with powerful 3rd party integrations made exclusively for EasySocial.

EasySocial - Workflows

Customizable Workflows

Personalize individual fields to suit the workflow requirements of profile types, customizable behavior depending on your profile forms with over 40 custom fields available. Friendly drag-and-drop customizable registration workflow UI, with the freedom to create multiple profile types, each with it's own set of custom fields.
EasySocial - Conditional Custom Fields

Conditional Custom Fields

Fully chain-able custom fields called "Conditional Custom Fields" that allow site moderators to setup highly interactive custom field workflows.

EasySocial - Migrators

Migrate Your Data

Built-in migrators to assist you with data migration from other 3rd party social network extensions such as JomSocial and Community Builder into EasySocial within minutes.

EasySocial - Social integration

Social Share & Single Sign-on

Make your social sites constantly on the edge and stay viral by allowing users to login and auto-post to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

EasySocial - Multilingual

Multilingual Support

Localization - Effective communication is crucial when establishing a successful social presence by staying relevant to the different people groups worldwide.