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Cobalt (v8.17)

Cobalt is most powerful and oldest Joomla CCK.

Cobalt is user related, It not only allows user to submit from frontend it also allows:

- User personal homepage.
- User personal categories.
- Follow other users and be followed.
- Post on profiles of other users or allow others to post on your profile.

So you can create any section like Forum, Video, Gallery, job, Cars, Support desk, Trainings, Calendar, ... And seamlesly integrate it with EasySocial. here is what you get.

- User name as link to EasySocial profile in Cobalt section.
- User name with send PM link in Cobalt section.
- Avatar.
- Default avatar.
- Karma/Points integration. Add or subtract points on every Cobalt action like add article, comment, edit article, bookmark, ...
- Profile and dashboard application that show different articles from Cobalt section
- Timeline. All or selected Cobalt events appear on user's timeline. Supports event content. It means Cobalt shows not only event text but some article content like video, picture, date, ... Whatever you want. There is special template for that, which you can format as you what according to [custom templates]( rules.

Free for limited time.

Version 8.17
Author Sergey
Website URL
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Compatibility 1.0.x 1.1.x 1.2.x
Submitted 12th Dec, 2013
Views 8540
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Good integration
nuclearcrash, on 26th Jul, 2014
Depth integration with this popular CCK, thank you....


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