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K2 Article

K2 Article

This plugin works hand in hand with the K2 article app that is included with EasySocial.

This plugin enhances K2 and integrates with K2 from within EasySocial. These are the available integrations:

1. Display authors avatar from EasySocial
2. Allow viewer to follow author
3. Allow viewer to add author as friend
4. Display author's badges in K2
5. Display author's points in K2.
6. Activity Stream generation for K2

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Reviews (3)

Works with K2 2.6.8, Joomla 3.3 and EasySocial 1.3
Neel, on 15th Nov, 2014
This plugin deservers more than 1 star it had got so far. This k2 plugin does exactly what it says, works fine with K2 2.6.8, Joomla 3.3 and EasySocial 1.3. If anything needs to be fixed, stackideas team have always been very prompt to fix it as soon as its reported. ...
appears that the file is installed incorrectly
Stanislav Mitov, on 9th Jun, 2014
appears that the file is installed incorrectly ... I guess that is incompatible with the new version of the component...
Dont work with the latest ES Version
Alexander Müller, on 30th Mar, 2014
Hi, on ES 1.2.4 I get a blank page, when I click on points (in k2 AND! Easysocial. Please fix this...

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